What's The Best & Cheapest Flashlight ?

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Whoa ! There’s a bunch of suggestions and opinions about flashlights. Also , the back & forth regarding tints.

Keep it coming , so I can show my friend the info being presented.

As for a USA seller , my friend just meant a seller who ships from within the USA , for quick deliveries.

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Zephon wrote:
Sometimes ‘best, cheap’ can easily be mixed with ‘best value’ based on your budget. Anyone tried an SC18? It’s like the S11C, also from sofirn and costs within your range.

SC18 massproduction will be finished in about Sep I think.

SST40 led;
max 1800 LM;
USB C charging;
side switch;
TIR Lens;
about 4 inches length.

Maybe a group buy?

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