hey guys new here!!! led reflector angle help???

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hey guys new here!!! led reflector angle help???

Hey all was wondering if u can dumb down endermans reflector calculator for me. im just trying to get a certain beam degrees from an led. is reflector focal length the length from one end to the other of the reflector?? is aperture diameter the diameter of the end hole? i want to get a 20mm led to point at 30 or even 10 degrees. when i put the focal length high enough the whole reflector moves behind the led?? im really lost with this but this is the only calculator i could find that gives me what i want. and beam divergance half angle?? is this the angle the light will output???? it cant be if at any point the value is like 1, like i cant figure out how to get a normal angle like 90 or 60. https://www.opticsforhire.com/led-beam-angle-calculator/ this is the only other calculator i could find that was even close? what vaules in the reflector table match with the values in ur calculator. i just need a rough estimate of the size and shape cone i need to get my deisgered effect and there is stuff all info anywhere