Tritium missing from online stores

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Tritium missing from online stores

From about a year-two, I noticed that tritium tubes went missing from Aliexpress and ebay.
I mean, you can still find results for searches, but many of them from shady sellers, or appear as “it is not tritium”.
The good sellers that are known to sell them on Ali don’t have them anymore.
What is the reason for this?
I heard that tritium is rare and it is a byproduct of nuclear plants, but how come so far it was available and now suddenly disappeared?

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Location: Ohio, United States still gets them in sometimes but I’m not clear why it became rare. It was generally associated with Covid but the rest isn’t clear to me. I’m not even sure what country it mostly comes from.

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We are running out quickly as you need tritium to run a Nuclear fusion reactor and it now cost 30k per gram. Its technically a waste product from nuclear fission but now we actually need it for other uses.

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It might just be that the postal service cracked down on sellers shipping radioactive material in the mail. Sellers can ship limited quantities of SOME radioactive material including tritium but I bet most oversees sellers do not follow the regulations on what and how to ship it.

I tested water samples for tritium for around 15 years. It probably never was a good idea to sell people tritium in the first place. Cleanup is messy and expensive, especially if there is a lot of it. I recall receiving paper swipe samples taken at a Nevada gun sight manufacturer. The cleanup team found measurable amounts of tritium throughout the manufacturing area.