WTB LG 365nm UV led

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WTB LG 365nm UV led

for my triple UV flashlight

this is the led

thank you

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I don’t have any to spare, but are you averse to the Seoul Viosys that Simon is currently selling? They’re pretty comparable. He expressed a little frustration that he was seeing higher failure rates with both of them after selling many of each. Just hard for them to handle the heat from overdriving, even just a little, in flashlight hosts that can’t dissipate very well. I don’t know what Hank is using for his UV emitters but he generally picks good ones/good bins, so you might try asking him (I’m sure he’d sell some to you).

Mouser, Arrow, Digikey…haven’t looked but one of them may have the LG…just watch the bin. If you google the model more suppliers might come up. Might treat aliexpress sellers as suspect unless you can confirm that they are selling the genuine product…lots of fakes and used emitters being sold because of the covid uv fad.