18650/21700 flashlight with waterproof remote switch

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18650/21700 flashlight with waterproof remote switch


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I’m not familiar with anyone except Surefire who claims to have a waterproof remote switch. XM00 with the SR07 (fits C series). I have it on a couple lights and its a very nice setup but bulky and expensive. They make the same thing for E-series tails but I forget the model number.

Not sure where the Streamlight pressure switch leaks from but they don’t rate it as waterproof. I have considered taking one apart and adding silicone sealant but never got around to it. The Sofirn weapon light is virtually identical, I suspect they are made on the same line and just branded different. Wurkkos has their branding of the Sofirn on sale right now for a rather unbeatable price. Hard to believe its a good as Streamlight but like I said, I don’t see any actual differences in construction between my streamlight protac rail mount 1, protac HL-3 and the Sofirn WML.

If you aren’t concerned with budget a Surefire (or malkoff) body, Surefire tail switch and a Malkoff head would get you what you are looking for.

Edit: Nevermind, I see you want multiple switch FUNCTIONS on the pressure pad. I have never seem this.