Looking for a battery charger

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Paul S Dobisz
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Looking for a battery charger

I’m looking for a charger for this battery I have enquired with a few companies that make and sell chargers and they are no help

6-Volt 5 Ah S2 Terminal Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM Rechargeable Battery

I need help thanks

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A hobby charger like a Accucel-6 should work.

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Look up the specs on that particular battery too- small SLA batteries tend to not like large charging currents.

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Yes, look up the specs if you can, or if you can’t find your battery’s manufacturer or specs, something similar. Chances are that it’s going to say 2A charge or less and often something as little as 1A is much better depending on how you’re using it and any smarts in the circuitry. Heat kills lead-acid so charge them gently whenever possible. Recently I was a little surprised to open up a jump pack with a 22Ah battery in it only to find that the charger was a simple wall wart with 880mAh output on the label. I think the charge current in small UPS units that take the smaller batteries like this is even less than that.

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