【winners announced】-Thanksgiving Giveaways

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【winners announced】-Thanksgiving Giveaways

Hi, guys!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you very much for your active participation!

The list of winners we got through the random.org website is as follows:

1, carsknivesbeer

2, SammysHP


Congratulations! Please PM us to send your recipient information including name, address, phone number, etc. We will send the prizes ASAP.





Hi, guys!

To celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving Day, thank you for your continuous support. We will give away 2pcs of our most popular flashlights - Super long-range spotlight CYANSKY K3 V2.0.
700m/2296ft VS head diameter 40mm - It has the longest range of the 40mm diameter head-size flashlight.

The rule is simple, leave a comment with the CYANSKY model you have or any opinions or suggestions on CYANSKY.
2 lucky winners will be randomly chosen and announced on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 24, GMT+8). let's join! cool





We are focusing on making high-level LED flashlights for hunting and shooting, tactical and self-defense, outdoor adventure, EDC, and so on.
Web: www.cyanskylight.com
Shop: www.cyanskystore.com
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/shops/cyansky-official
AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/912662624

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I like the pure and smooth design of your flashlights. But I don’t own any.

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I don’t own any Cyansky flaslights (yet).
The one you are giving away looks like a perfect introduction to the brand.

Some BLF members like stainless steel bezels (protection of the light getting damaged).
The K3 V2 has a nice slim bezel. You might consider offering a SS replacement for it

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I also haven’t bought any Cyansky flashlights just yet. The K3 V2.0 looks interesting. But its power at only 2,000 lm is not strong enough for its price of around US$75.

Cyansky needs to double the power, perhaps in a new K3 V2 Pro model, to be competitive.

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I haven’t any Cyansky flashlight yet.
This is a good entry point.

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I don’t own any CYANSKY, but I did take a look at your products on your website and store. The design and specs look to be decent overall, but everything is also priced at a premium. Thanks for the giveaway.

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I've always liked the Cyansky name.  It evokes a vision of a beautiful, cloudless day.

Thanks for the GAW!



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Fresh, new design…hmmm..looks good.

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This is the first time I have heard of CYANSKY… but I like the name.

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Only seen info about your brand here, they look good.
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Stylish designs.

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Don’t own any CYANSKY yet…

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CYANSKY I don’t own one of your lights yet, my suggestion is I should win one lol!! Big Smile Silly

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Great designs, y’all are making an earnest effort to engage the community. Thanks for offering another giveaway and honoring the forum rules keeping it open to all.

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I have a M1R and it’s a great key chain light.

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Like the industrial looking design, different from others.

Don’t chase max output, longer-lasting steady runtimes matches better with your utilitarian design.

Thanks for GAW.

On the light side.

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I like the design of the K3 V2 and have been looking at the HS6R for a while.
The Built-In Filter of the H5 is very cool.
Unfortunately the Ali store doesn’t work from Germany?

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Cyansky has some nice looking headlamps.

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I too don’t own a Cyansky light, but would love to win one. My suggestion would be to get some samples to people who review lights on this site. Consumers trust reviews more than they trust the seller.

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I like the P25 v2 in MAO finish quite a bit.

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I Don’t own any CYANSKY atm but i was considering the idea of owning some. 


specv510 wrote:
My suggestion would be to get some samples to people who review lights on this site. Consumers trust reviews more than they trust the seller.



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I have the K3 V1. It’s very nice.

Thank you for the sale, but these “sale” prices aren’t very good. The K3 V1/2 is ~$85 on the Cyansky website. So being on sale for ~$75 is kind of meh. I mean it’s not nothing, I’m thankful, but most of the money off is coming from the aliexpress spend & save deal. It’s only ~11% off.

The K3 is a 4 mode dual switch SFT-40 thrower with a buck driver. You can get a Convoy M21B for example, also with SFT-40 and a buck driver, for ~$35. Even a lot of acebeam throwers are similar/cheaper, like the L18 which is $70 or even less on sale, throws further, and also has a buck driver.

Cyansky makes a quality product on par with brands like Acebeam or Fenix, and being a small, new company, I know competing on pricing can be hard. But at the same time, while I am interested in Cyansky lights, I choose and recommend competing products with similar or better features for cheaper.

For other suggestions: Please don’t use the SST-40 LED on any lights. I would also love to see the P20 with SFT-40/SFT-70, and the P25 with XHP70.3 HI, XHP50.3 HI, or SFT-70. And of course, for a little cheaper.

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I don’t have any Cyansky lights, but I like headlights and the HS6R looks interesting. Thanks for the GAW, Cyansky!

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I don't have any Cyansky flashlights, but the Cyansky K3 V2.0 looks impressive.

Thanks for the giveaway!  :BEER:

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thanks for your support.

please make more other than black.
yellow, orange, or any bright color.

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I don’t own a cyansky light yet. I started a thread july 2021 on my secondary blf account “beardo” asking if Cyansky was a BLF startup company. In the days after, you joined the blf forum! Nice

Would love a minimalist AA/14500 size CYANSKY light!

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Nice designs.

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No cyansky would like to get a chance to try one. Thanks for the giveaway!



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This flashlight has a high output, great throw and is well built. Fantastic!

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Designs look great

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TermsakC wrote:
I also haven’t bought any Cyansky flashlights just yet. The K3 V2.0 looks interesting. But its power at only 2,000 lm is not strong enough for its price of around US$75.

Cyansky needs to double the power, perhaps in a new K3 V2 Pro model, to be competitive.

Find me an SFT40 that achieves higher than 2000 lumens and provides the same 700m in a 40mm head. Anything else will be a larger LED and less range, so not exactly what they’re aiming for.

Max high lumens is something I don’t enjoy, I love decent sustainable output, not just a quick burst

P25 V2
K3 V2

I’d mainly like to see a true tactical UI used on the the Cyansky Tactical series.

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