Which batteries?

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Which batteries?

I just bought an Ultrafire 501B (one mode) without batteries or charger. It will use one 18650 or two CR123's. I want rechargeable, but heard that even though the lamp is rated at 8.4 volts to NOT use the 3.6 volt rechargeable batteries as they can burn out the lamp? So I have three choices, with a 4th if I need power in a pinch, for steady bright light whicc are my best bet? Also, any recommendations on good, better, best batteries? :

1x 18650

2x CR123 3.0 volt rechargeable

2x CR123 3.6 volt rechargeable (3.8 v charged voltage?)

or 2x 3.0 volt non-rechargeable lithium batteries (in a pinch)