Location in User Profile?

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Location in User Profile?

This was brought up in another thread, but how hard would it be to include the ability to put a person's location under their user name when they post messages? We seem to have a particularly diverse group here and it would be helpful in answering questions sometimes if we knew where they are.

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We know where you are, and we are keeping an eye on youSmile

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yep lets do it Smile if it is possible

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I agree, it would be very interesting and useful, and may be I find a neighbour to drink a beer and talk about flashlights Tongue out

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Excellent idea brted!

Don wrote:

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Perfect. Good idea!

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, I know it's necessary. And it is possible to implement, but unfortunately I'm not the world's smartest programmer, and I would have to mess with the code a bit to make it work. So it's definitely on my TODO list. I wish this forum software had a quick point-and-click way of enabling different profile fields in the author pane.

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I know next to nothing about Drupal so please disregard this if I'm off base here but since the forum interface seems to be theme-based, wouldn't it be possible to simply re-purpose an existing profile field? That is, of course, assuming that there are any disabled profile fields that could be used.

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ezeqdb wrote:

I agree, it would be very interesting and useful, and may be I find a neighbour to drink a beer and talk about flashlights Tongue out


I don't think drinking beer requires a neighbor... does  it  ???


What kind of beer are we talking about specificlly ?

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