$1 Budget Beamer Beaters

Yeah, but do we really need to make up new terms that are so extremely sexual on a family forum?

I mean, BLF is not an adult website.

See, my mind never went there. LOL.

I guess you've never heard of a beaver shot, then.

. Justin Beaver shot

cri i would call usable.
not horrible blue/purple.
a 9 led loaded with the ebay high cri 5mm puts it to shame.
it does have a spot beam that is more useful at distance.

i thought i had posted this light a while back.

not the same light.
the ot-50l has a removable head.

Ok. Good to know. :+1:

“Beaver shot”? Well, I asked The Beaver, and he said…

I had to get one, and had to insert a short 18650 in. It works! Though the extra length exposed more pressure on the “pill”. May break anytime.

Between beaver shots and hot spots, yes, I would say flashaholics can be weird.

Wondering if ya could be more specific. I’m interested in your opinion even tho’ someday I’ll pick up one of these. Realize you say the CRI is “usable”.

Watt I mean….

Specifically, how does the color brown at night TCR to the brown(s) on a familiar object when it’s viewed in sunlight?

PS. I reside in a high desert environment. LOTS of rattlesnakes. Foremost the Southern Pacific on this 5 acre property. It’s also considered by one of the top venomous snake experts in the country (my doctor) if not THE most venomous now due to suspected interbreeding with the Mojave Green. It’s mainly a brownish snake in that color spectrum.

Your handle sorta prompted me to ask. :laughing:

@whackjob, i would give it a 10 for TCR, it is easy to see brown versus black or green at night with this light; the colors are true with no extra yellow of some cheap emitters.

i don’t really have a good way to take a beamer shot to show you, maybe someone else more experienced will do that.

This is not the OT-50L version, but the OT・50L. Center dot versus dash, subtle little difference such as sometimes seen in products from vachina.

It has really long springs at both ends, so they could easily be shortened to use a longer single cell. It’s just begging for a mod.

Exactly watt I was looking for. Gotta hand out a lot of these to fam, friends, neighbors, and maybe even boyscouts and local hikers.

Lotsa rattlers here. And this species is particularly aggressive if it feels cornered.

Thanks, Kenny. Appreciated.

:+1: :beer:

Time for an adjunct forum, BLF at night?
Adults with flashlights :blush:

Adult Swim at the neighborhood pool—all the kids out and just the parents to have an hour to themselves without the chiklets.

Is this marked like a rattler or plain colored? Have any pictures?

They didn’t latin it ‘Helleri’ for nuthin’. :open_mouth: Doc told me…….“If ya get bit I just meet ya at the hospital. Time’s of the essense.”

Top pic is the best TCR.


I can’t find any real tests of these lights. Are they really high CRI (> 90)? What’s the color temp/tint like?

Dat gum, they must have some concentrated venom—i’m rootin fer the kingsnakes…