1 cell budget charger suggestion

Xtar has a simple one: http://lygte-info.dk/review/Review%20Charger%20Xtar%20MC1%20UK.html

oh it needs a power supply but i want a AC one

[quote=gamezawy] were i can buy that ? [/quote]



what about those from FT ? HuanGao or even this Portable Digital Battery Charger

A cheap USB charger will be good enough, they cost around $1.— a piece.

I bought 2 of these from a dealer on this forum a few months ago, it came with an AC adapter for the wall and a plug for the car, think it was $6 shipped.

Well if you didn’t need an AC charger and ONLY charge 18650’s, the Miller ML-102 is a GREAT little charger, and can act as a portable power unit if you need it to as well

But it is only micro USB

My suggestion is MC1 too. I’m sure the adapter won’t be a problem since you can find smartphone chargers with microusb in every house nowadays. The same case goes for miller 102 but it only for unprotected and difficult to charge bigger or smaller batteries.

If it is unprotected cells then the miller ml-102 is a good bet. I have 4 and they all charge to 4,14 - 4,19 depending on the battery. I travel with them because I bought some cheap usb -> micro sub cables to go along with them and I just plug into pc/phone charger/car usb adapter/whatever usb device is needed. Now I jsut need them to make a nimh AA/AAA charger that does the same @ same price :-)

all those are nice suggestions but it is kinda pro and need a skilled people but i really want a direct to AC charger for non skilled people

Too cheap perhaps…
But it’s totally plug and pray play. :smiley:

I just ordered 2 of ’em.
They were on my watch-list for some time already.

I would go with those 1-bay Xtar chargers. The older Xtar model has served me well, and seems reliable.
Sure, you need to get the USB power supply for it, if you really do not have any USB ports around to charge it from. But those USB power supplies do not cost that much. You could even connect it to your smartphone’s charger and use that as a power supply. Surely your phone is using standardized microUSB connection by now :slight_smile:

Most people are skilled enough to charge their mobil phone. The above chargers uses the same power supply/charger as most mobil phones and the same connector.

The problem with the simple and cheap mains connected chargers is the quality.

If you want it for AA and li ion, then the Soshine SC S7 is fine, but USB only. It should run off a phone AC wall adapter, or a PC/Laptop USB port and while I havent tried Id assume a car cig lighter usb nub too. Comes with a nice little readout with lots of data. But it makes AAAs too hot, so likely not good for small li ions either since they seem to be picky with charge rates. IIRC, it charges at 1 amp, and has no ability to alter that rate.

18650 and AA, should be good as gold though and for me have been so far. Under $20, IIRC, were around $13 at FastTech. The one reviewed is slightly different to mine, my screens backlight is green, not orange. A couple of data readouts are in different parts of the screen too. I think mine is a revised version but cant be certain.

Reviewed here by the man above Review: Charger Soshine SC-S7 UK

If he (the poster above, and the 1st response you got) recommends a charger, its probably worth looking closely at what he says to you. If you note, he is the one doing the charger reviews round here.

Ejected Filament, i respect HKJ more than you think and his suggestion was perfect enough and i want that charger for myself it is the 1st time to me to see it but you don’t know the people i am talking about they are very bad at tech and may also don’t know how to use a computer neither a smart phone ZERO TECH experience, that’s why i strongly needed a directly AC charger

What voltage is the AC in Egypt, and what kind of plug?

> you don’t know the people i am talking about they are
> very bad at tech and may also don’t know how to use a
> computer neither a smart phone ZERO TECH experience

And you’d give people like that lithium-ion batteries?

This cannot end well.

Seriously, you give 20 people like that, li-ion cells and the cheapest charger?

What’s the worst thing that could happen, say, five percent of the time?
This is not meant as a throwaway question.
It’s an important question.
You should be able to answer it.

As above. Id stick to Alkalines or Eneloops in that case.

you are right hank but i already taught them how to deal with li-ion cells i did gave them lights like UF 502b and they used it well and no accidents for months now its just those crappy chargers stopped working after some uses

Jerommel ,the AC in Egypt is 220 and the plug doesn’t matter

Jerommel wrote, about a year and ten weeks ago:

He was last seen hereabouts a few days later.

Anyone know if he survived that plug-in charger he was going to be testing?