1600lm Lumen CREE XML XM-L T6 LED Flashlight Torch 5 Mode

Some BLF Member mentioned this light in another thread and I cannot find it now.

Appears to be an UltraFire S-923 (I think) from T-Mart

UltraFire S-923/T6 XML-T6 10W 1200~1400LM 5 Mode Flashlight

Lets TEAR this one down. Anybody have it ? Review?

Is it a GOOD VALUE for under $15


CREE T6 LED Flashlight
1.Emitter Type:CREE XM-L T6
2. Brightness: 1600LM
3. Light Color: white
4. Bulb Quantity?1
5. Lighting Distance: 300m
6. LED lifespan: 100,000 hours
7. Battery Configuration: 1 x 18650 battery
8. Input Voltage: 1.2-4.2V
9. Power: 10W
10. Swith Location: Tail-cap
11. Switch Type:Clicky/Clickie
12. Modes: 5
13. Mode Arrangement: Hi >Mid >Lo > Strobe >SOS
14. Lens: Coated Glass Lens
15. Reflector?Aluminum Smooth/SMO
16. Dimensions(L x Head Dia. x Body Dia.): 6.02 x 2.12 x 1.14inch /15.3 x 5.4 x 2.9cm
17. Material: Aluminum
18. Weight: 209g / 7.37oz

We need to have a “China lumens” to ANSI Lumens converter :Sp

got one. here's the quick and dirty:

name on tube: UltraFire UF-923, similar to DX's: Dongrui DR-923 or nameless NEW-128
tailcap draw: on xtar cell, 1.4a high, 0.7a med, 0.15a low, blinky, sos. No memory.
beam: good thrower. hotspot is just slightly larger than my really good c8 xml thrower, conclusion: does not throw as far(?), i prefer my c8.
body: has brass(?) ring contacts on both ends.
pill: fully threaded cylinder, threads into the "neck" with no stops or detents, so you'll have to remove reflector first and mark the threads with a pen or tape so you'll be able to reassemble it back correctly.
reflector: glued to flat GITD o-rings and glass. glass has a watermark spot inside, but since it's glued...
lanyard: none. what's that on the fleabay picture? oh that? don't be silly, you don't honestly believe your shoe purchase will include the pictured shoelaces, do you?

edit: why are people so hung up on the 1600lm/10w moniker? just treat them like model numbers. like t-mobile 4g is not really 4G, but you already knew that, right? look at the torch itself. does it speak to you? not really. does the emitter pic match the description? sort of. is everything pictured included? who u kidding? of course NOT. that picture just shows you exactly what you're not going to get. by the way, see the model number or name anywhere on the pictures? didn't think so. somebody took pains to hide the model numbers or brand markings from the fleabay pics, decorated with nonexistent accessories. so, why should you buy this? unless you're the sort who compulsively must buy everything linked, just move along, nothing to see here. what's on the menu honey? it's the bait-n-switch special, my dear.

This is the one you are thinking of: Ultrafire S-923 from Tmart

Tangsfire version

$15 is damned cheap if it’s a decent version. I might feel better buying an official “ultrafire” version but then again, for the $15 plus a replacement driver you are still $10 less than what Tmart wants for the S-923.

I wonder whether it really accepts nimh batteries.

We do… it’s called “divide by some number greater than 3”

And China Watts to Real Watts is “divide by at least 2”

1200Lumens 5-Mode Cree XML T6 LED Flashlight on TD for $11.74 , accepts nimh batteries !!

1600 lumens with a single XM-L and a single 18650? Call me a non believer. I’ve been called worse.

we tried but the divisor changed so frequently it broke our “china computer”
On the plus side recycling the lead can be very profitable :money_mouth_face:

AS a relative newcomer to the field I get incredibly frustrated at the enormous offering of flashlights.
There is no way that I can see to check whether any given product is fairly described.
Also the reputation of the various distributors (viz: DealExtreme, DinoDirect, TinyDeal) is similarly not easy to check.
I have just bought two different flashlights rated at 700 lumens, each operates from a single 1865 Li-ion battery.
Both are quite well finished & each cycles through 5 modes. Each was around USD15 delivered into Australia.
I bought a pair of 3600Ah rated rechargeable 1865’s (unprotected) Ultrafire batteries with travel charger at the same time.
Well the charger will charge to 4.15 V & no more.
Both flashlights work, but amazingly the batteries load differently in each, & there is no indication which way is correct so it was “suck & see & hope”.
They have similar luminous outputs in my judgement, but each has different throw/flood characteristics & I would class both as general purpose flashlights with a good compromise between flood & throw.
I had to discover this - no sound description seems ever to be available & the “reviewers” generally write rubbish.
Still have no idea how long the batteries will last on full, pulse & low settings.
I have discovered the SOS setting is plain idiocy - who knows Morse anyway - I’d love to be able to disable this mode.
Regarding the pulse mode: My bike experience has proved to me that you see just as much, & you get used to the pulse.
Of course there is no point if a significant extension of battery life does not result, again I’d love to know.
Now can I charge my batteries to 4.15V & leave in one flashlight (for emergency use), for say a couple of months, before topping up - or will this degrade the batteries significantly.
Finally: is there a rough & ready way of establishing the luminous output, either by analysis of the “bulb & battery components” or by some other direct measure? AND how can you roughly check the Ah capacity of a battery?

There isn’t a single document anywhere that i’ve seen that answers all your questions, but in my virtual travels i have found some answers that you seek
There are many reviews on this forum that are great resources and cover many models out there, classified under which battery it uses, they are all stickyied in their respective forums.
I generally avoid ebay lights, anyone can sell anything, at least with a known website they have more of a reputation, in lights sold, and to maintain, not a perfect system, but better then ebay.
Charging to 4.15 volt is actually good, lithium batteries die of old age faster if stored at full charge, and have relatively low self discharge if not used for a few months (unless they are crappy quality), wikipedia can tell you more.
You can estimate lumens based upon the current draw of a light (minus about 10% for led driver), a single xml cannot give over 1000 lumens, after you hit that, any more power you dump into it turns into heat, no matter what any listing for a light says.
Very few people like the strobe and SOS modes.

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