16340 declined a lot in market share?

—what do people do with the 10180 or whatever that eensy weensy one is…,…
special charger?


Usually, 10180 lights have internal charging and might go as low as 50mA.


So sorry to hear that AW is gone. Their cells are (were) so great! I have some AW cells from eight years ago that are still serving me well.

Today, then, who is making the best 16340 and 14500?

I like Sony/Samsung for 18650. My best 18350, 14500, and 16340 cells are my AWs. DANG. Wish they were still in business.

Vapcell 16340 800 mAh (white) are currently the best option in this segment!

But be careful, Vapcell has a 3A version now too (called T8), while the high current 7A version is sold out on their own aliexpress store. The 7A version can still be found on other shops (also other aliespress shops).

Didn’t know they had those new cells!
Thanks for letting us know!
I was also focusing my suggestion based on the “high-drain” and not the highest capacity!

Still, for the high drain range, their INR16340 800mAh 7A white wrapping are probably the best, right?

I do not have all the latest 16340 cells to compare (are there many of them?), but it is at least the best I have.
By chance, I did a quick runtime test with one of mine this week, using a larger light with an adapter to fit this small cell. I used the large flashlight to limit temperature as a factor, what you see I think is solely the decline of the battery without much temperature effects added. The output is in honest lumens calibrated as well as possible, not inflated ones. The current in the beginning when the battery was full was 5A.
Delivering over 1000lumen/3.5A for most of the draining of the cell sounds very good to me for such a small battery.

Thanks for the heads-up on the new 3A cells and the nice test.

These are definitely the best two 16340 cells out there. Although the AW cells will always be old stock if you can find them.

So AWs need to have the 15C label and Vapcell the 7A remark.

Thanks for the test and information djozz!
This surely can handle some drain and, in case the new 16340 850 mAh T8 from Vapcell are as good as these, even for less drain, I guess we have the actual champs on these cells. Unless Shockli comes with even better cells meanwhile (as they did with their recent 14500 high-drain battery) :smiling_imp:

I have 2 of these INR16340s but I don’t use them a lot, as I have many On The Road cells.
But I ordered the new OTR 311 flashlight, that I intent to mod and…I guess the Vapcells will get some use now :wink: :smiley:


Wow, missed that one. Looks like nice new light in the 16340 category.


I hope it is and I can tell more when it arrives! TrailTrek has a video on it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T0SE337vrw :slight_smile:

1x123 in twisty format is my favorite pocket light - usually clipped to my pocket with a suspension clip

Small and can sustain 2-300 lumens for a good amount of time

Currently use a foursevens mini mkIII (kinda expensive for what it is) and they only recommend their own high discharge rate 16340 - I’m going to assume the Vapcell 7A is comparable/better?

Yes is is.

16340 is still my favourite cell size. We need to keep buying these cells so they never get obsolete :smiley:

Amen to this :wink:

They seem to be sold out everywhere.

More single emitter 16340 options please. I’ll even begrudgingly take electronic switch lights

I guess this thread will of interest to you :wink:

1x123 was all the rage when LED lights first took off. They needed boost converters inside because LEDs then had 3.4v+ forward voltage. 16340 became a rechargeable replacement for 2x123 lights (buck converter) and later in some cases 1x123. These days though, cheaper 1 cell lights just use linear converters to run off 3.6v cells directly, giving up the option of using cr123a. At that point, why bother with compatibility with the form factor? 14500 (longer but skinnier) or 18350 (slightly wider) or even 10440/10180 fill most requirements. The Fenix HM50 was a dual voltage light (1x cr123a or 16340) but notice the slightly improved 2.0 version has lost the ability to run on 123a. I bet that is because they got rid of the boost converter.

I have lots of cr123a lights and lots of 16340s but they are all from an earlier time. My first 18350/18650 light is on order and I will probably be getting more.

i still have about 40 CR123A cells to use
fortunately they have freakishly long shelf lives


CR123A cells are remarkably good at long term storage. I’ve had a number that after 10 years of shrink-wrap, still had max voltage and worked as if new. I don’t think you’ll find many other lithium batteries performing like this.

I like the 16340 form factor. I just ordered 2 On The Road 16340 lights, the newly developed M4 and the updated U16 V3. I tried to order the Acebeam TK16 XPG3 recently and was told by Acebeam that it was out of stock and would not be restocked. For some of my flashlight use I don’t need long runtime and with the small size of my M3 Pro or Trustfire MC1, (both great little lights) I can easily forget I’m carrying them until they’re needed. Slightly bulkier then AAA lights but much brighter.

Both OTR lights come with batteries, (Orbtronic?) but I could use a couple more of the Vapecell 7A batteries. My last order from the Vapcell store was a nightmare, it took 93 days to get my order (seemed to be personnel problems) so have to find another source.