1800K, 2000K, 2200K, and 2500K Nichia 219F

It looks like Nichia is finally moving in on the lower CCT range with its 219 series! See here. I personally can’t wait to start seeing these emitters become common in outdoor lighting. The 1800K is shown as being like HPS emulation. I’d be very interested getting some samples. This emitter has options given the 3535 footprint, like a 2000K or 1800K D18. An HPS or candle colored D18, I love that thought. I hope they come out with 90 CRI versions!

Good news, in particular because this is a 3535 size LED that appears to be compatible with XP solder masks, so it’s an easy swap in many existing lights.

Looking at their website, it seems they do have the 219F currently available down to 2200K, but only in 70 CRI so far. It will be unfortunate if they don’t introduce high CRI versions. Unfortunately, it would not surprise me since the focus for this line is indicated to be replacing HPS lights.


On another positive note, I was just poking around their chip scale package products again, and I see they now have the E17A available in 1800K and 90 CRI (R9050).


Is there any other 3535 at 2200k or less? I know of XT-E and XP-G3

I have 2200k 80 CRI Cree XT-E in a triple S2+. The tint shift is an abomination until I used dc fix and minus green filter and now they look fantastic (even next to 219b) :heart_eyes:

According this test, 219f has a lot of tint shift, so it also needs to be diffused for best light quality.

I really like the Amber XP-E2 for HPS emulation but I’m looking forward to these as well.

a High CRI 3535 option is the LH351d 2700k…
slicing the dome brings it down to about 2200k:

slicing brings the tint below the DUV,
no need for Lee Filters

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Fwiw, Philips did have the CDM-T warm. It was a 90 CRI 2500K ceramic metal halide source that saw use in retail, and believe it may have seen limited use in decorative outdoor lighting. I’m hoping with their 2500K model, at least, they make an equivalent as Philips has ceased production of the CDM-T warm.

It is interesting to see the continued development of 1800K and these very warm CCT’s in general. Initially, the main options for light sources that warm was 44 CRI PC amber. Then came the development of 80 CRI 2200K for higher end hospitality interior lighting, and now we have 70/80 CRI 2200K for street lighting now starting to come to the market. The CRI of PC amber did improve some over the years, but getting a 90 CRI 1800K source is pretty next level. I would be intrigued if the total blue content was comparable to or even less then HPS. I hope that the tint on the E17A is more neutral or lower then the Xnova Cube.

I have a Convoy M2 quad with that emitter. The beam looks like a Sunnyside up egg with the clear Carlco 10622, but with the lightly frosted 10623 it evens out nicely.

didn’t expect so much by Cri,still better than Amber Cree.
And it’s a shame there is anything in high Cri at 2000k or below on 3535 standard size

Soooo…. any news for a 1800K flashlight? :smiley:

Hi Jon,

Have you tested it with the Opple? I’d probably do the same with one of my lights with this LED.

I measured several sliced LH351D CCTs here including 2700K : LH351D slicing measurements : output, tint, tint shift, beam profile, intensity.
It doesn’t go that low in my experience, but yes it’s a good option for a very warm 3535 90CRI LED.

Dedomed 2700K 219F-V1 or even beter 519A (9080 and lower thermal resistance) would also be an option, they should be easy to dedome thanks to their silicone dome on top of glass encapsulated phosphor.

Amazing work, thank you!

I did not have Opple when I had the shaved 2700K LH351D
shaved did not produce as good a beam in a V11R

here is a shaved LH351D 3500k on my Opple:
note the CCT is 3000k after shaving… I believe it is accurate, as it visually matches my sw30
those xy coodiates produce a DUV. of 0.0001…

imo, shaving does lower DUV about 0.0024
it also lowers CCT about 500K
it also reduces output, but I cant find the data I posted about that…

overall, shaving improves Tint of the LH351d, but ruins the floody beam, when used in a V11r reflector

I still prefer the higher R9 of the 219b 9080 options, over the LH351d which is a 9050 LED

Yes, surely the Samsung has other qualities. I’ll refrain for now from shaving it. Both of my lights having this LED have reflectors, and I don’t want to ruin the beam profile. Thanks for showing!

Passed already 1 year…
Where the 1800k version can be purchased or there are valid alternatives?

I’d love an 1800K 519A. I have a dedomed 2700K in my Hank “around the house” headlamp to get the temperature closer to 2000 but it makes the beam profile funky

+1 for an 1800 k 519!

Hey which app are you using? It looks great. I’d love to find it for iOS

I asked kaidomain and Convoy a while back and neither one was interested.

Nichia seems to have dropped anything below 2700k in the V1 and V2 revisions of 219f. I guess were out of luck unless clemence could get some.

Still there aren’t so much options for 3535 size
These are vaguely described as 1800k… max power 1 Amp,
Anyway in the past a customer, guess from Reddit had them for mod the BLF lantern , CRI 60-70 ?

If you want try them let me know how are :wink:

Still any news about 18-20k 3535 Leds?