18350 recommendation

Hi there, I have a BLF GT mini on the way and it should come with the 18350 tube also. Could you recommend some good 18350 cells for this flashlight? Can I use them in my Emisar D4 (18350 tube) too?
I found some unprotected Keeppower, but it’s only 750 mAh…. I suggest, in Emisar D4 only unprotected 18350 cells will work.
or these?

Thank you!

Instead of the Keeppower 750mAh, take a look at these: Test/review of Keeppower 18350 1200mAh UH1835P (Black) 2017
The Keeppower UH1835P 1100mAh/1200mAh are equivalent to the famous Aspire 1100mAh cells, the best high-drain IMR 18350s.
The Shockli is also on the top, so you can’t go wrong with it!

You can compare both cells performance here, on HKJ comparator: Battery test-review 18650 comparator


Thank you for the links - great info. Wow, almost identical performance of these two :+1:

Forgot to mention the Vapcell INR18350: Test/review of Vapcell INR18350 1100mAh (Purple)
It is also equivalente to the above mentioned :wink:

Related: Vapcell has changed what cell they use for their 10A 1100mAh 18350, without a wrap change @ E-CigaretteForum

The reason for the newer cells' loss of performance is either the manufacturer of the Aspire cells (Yongde Lixin Energy) cut back on production costs of their cells due to realizing they were not that liked by vapers, or a new manufacturer popped up with a different cell. There's a noticeable difference in the discharge curve profile of both the Shockli 18350 1150mAh and BestFire IMR18350 1500mAh versus the older Aspire, KeepPower and Vapcell cells.

Shockli is the cheapest of the known brands but there's a newer player according to my intuition: KingWei 18350 1000mAh. Will buy and try these cells as soon as possible in the name of the light. Also available in 4-packs and 100-packs.

To finish this suffice to say I am not willing to pay cells at the price of nicotine or any other vice stuff (cough Vapcell cough).

Cheers ^:)

I ordered Shockli, thanks to all for the info! Vapcell is available in stores where I live, maybe I will try it in the future.

I am also looking for a 18350 battery as a part of a gift with either Astrolux S41S or S42S.

What supplier do you guys recommend that ships to USA?

Liionwholesale sells the vapcell 18350

Please go for the s41 much better light.

Thanks brother

Awesome, thanks for letting me know.

Just curious, did someone here followed my above advice and made a bet with the KingWei 18350 1000mAh cells?

I am asking because there's someone else besides me in the sale link Transaction History, some W*** from the US.

Cheers O:)

I finally looked at your link to the KingWei cells, pretty good price for 10 of them. Hope they are as advertised, although I did not see a peak current advertised, maybe I missed it.

Aaah sbslider! :-))

No current rating is given, just a “High discharge performance” statement in the wrap. My right astral ear was beeping when I found them. There's really no way to lose here because:

The 1000+mAh 18350 cell being manufactured right now has been tested by HKJ under BestFire and Shockli wraps:

The KingWeis look the same.

The shape of their discharge curves match closely, with some minor differences attributable to binning or cell grade:

Average capacity at 0.2A (0.2C) down to 2.8V was 1060mAh for the Shockli cells and 1008 for the BestFire.

Thanks for the data! ^

Caught red-handed? Yes. Realized? Yes. But I do not see them admitting to anything, at least not in the thread you linked to. :slight_smile:

Shame, cause for a moment they had me believe they were a reputable outfit.

That's why I said “and/or” Pete7874. ;-)

You could ask vapcell Dennis… wait! It seems like vapcell Dennis' posts have been removed from the forum. I was checking to see if I could find them, but no dice. Examples:

  • Vapcell INR18350 1100mAh retested by Mooch: shenanigans again.
  • There was a thread titled “Tesla sanyo NCR21700A 5000mah amazing power beat samsung 21700 48G” back in the day (November - December of 2018). vapcell Dennis started it with a bunch of graphs of their own cell testing versus others related in the same category from the main manufacturers. I have update alerts from that thread in my email. The thread has been removed. Now I understand why, all of a sudden, I noticed a steep drop in my post count weeks ago.


Fri, 02/22/2019 - 17:17

Same with user Feyate , another Vapcell employee. Pretty sure this user had a lot more posts than just 2.

Wellp, this sort of information removal attitude does not speak well of them and Vapcell. I was looking for a brief statement made by vapcell Dennis concerning the 18350 issue. This vapcell 14500 1000mAh cell thread is all that remains from Dennis.

I'll refrain from being judgmental.

Cheers :-)

I thought it was sb (BLF admin) who removed their posts. Maybe they didn’t pay their sponsor dues? But then why not remove their user profiles completely?