18650 walkie talkies

Anyone knows of a good walkie talkies that takes 18650? Thanks.

wouldn;t that be nice!
so tired of 3xAAA and 4xAAA

there are some 18650 am fm radios at least

maybe weather stations too or shortwave

Mid Land ER310 uses an removable 18650


That’s not a walkie talkie.

Nope, you’re correct it’s not.

I rebuilt a sealed garmin rino battery back with fresh 18650s. Those are frs/gmrs. If you have a ham license, I’d bet your options open up a bit, although all the affordable Chinese handheld ham radios seem to be lipo.

I have taken walkie talkies and made them take 14500’s before lol
Also did it to my kids old school wii remotes when they were kids and to a couple of tv remotes.

I just soldered in a solid copper wire on one side and popped in a 14500 in the other side.
Then added a micro usb charger to it. Its was used for years. It might still be around in the kids room lol

In the USA the Baofeng frequencies used to be different channels than all the others. Not a big deal if you know it, but if you do not know it and try to talk to a Motorola or something on channel 4 or whatever, it might not work. Just a FYI.

Walkie talkies can be quite useful during outages. Have fun!

You can reprogram the frequencies with the Chirp program on your computer for most Baofeng radios in 136-174 VHF and 400-520 UHF frequencies.

What i discovered in 5 min, was that there ARE cheap li powered rechargeable walkie talkies
price like $20 for 2
they do not use 18650, but replaceable camera-style flat li ion batteries
almost as good


A baofeng 888s is smaller than uv-82. My son and dad uses a 888s on my GMRS license. Cheap enough if they screw it up I really don’t care.

Honestly I don’t really have any issues with the size of my uv-82.

Retevis RT-22. Extremely good performance given its fixed antenna and slim size, even compared to a Baofeng with a removable antenna, very rugged and simple UI, and just amazing battery life.

The RT15 and RB15 are new to me. I somehow suspect that the RT-22 will still have better battery life, it just uses one of those old Nokia candybar phone style batteries, and it’s just stellar, I can go a month of intermittent use before charging, even when I occasionally forget and leave it turned on for 24 hours.

The primary concern with the unlocked baofengs like the uv82 is that you can’t loan one out to some non-radio-literate person without worrying about them stepping on unlicensed or private freqs and getting a hefty fine.

Simplicity is a legitimate selling point of frs/gmrs locked walkie talkies.