[1900k edition is in!] WTS: 1900k-5800k 5mm LED 95+ CRI

Aw, you shouldn’t have posted the bill, we trust you to the very end. Needless to say a reward for you should be granted admittedly. I’m really really thankful you make rare (hard to obtain where I live) leds available for us.

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There are some Varta hosts for multiple LEDs (up to 7). From the technical data I assume current is well within the specs, i.e. <=25mA. Those Vartas are not bad qualitywise, but I have not tried to open them. Yet.

Edit: Thanks a lot for shipping! :beer:

@rngwn Any other color temps planned in the future or only 3400k?

^ I initially planned for 4000k, but they don’t have it. I will have to make a jump to 5600k for anything cooler than that.

They may have 3500k, though.

Another 1700pcs is coming this weekend, same CCT, same bin.

The test images look good!

Sounds potentially handy. Is this one you built, or is it available as a finished product or kit somewhere?

Hopefully, but we don’t know for sure, much less when it might happen:
Sofirn C01 host version

If you haven’t put a Yuji in a coin cell light like the Photon Freedom, it’s almost a must have, and it looks like this LED would also be a great choice. Maglite Mini incans are also very easy to put a 5mm LED in.

If you want to get really fancy, I believe you can send McGizmo an LED of your choice to install in a McGizmo Sapphire, although perhaps he still has some Yuji’s left.

If you want something in the middle, there is a Surefire A2 mod product that may or may not still be available called an “onion ring” that a CPF member makes. It holds 3 LED’s and has a potentiometer to adjust output.

And then, of course, 9x LED lights are easy to come by. They can usually be disassembled by removing the batteries and pressing the pill out of the front of the light.

A mix of the 3400K and 5600K in a multi-emitter light might be interesting. If they’re in equal numbers, the average CCT would be 4500K, which is a nice neutral. If it’s like other LEDs that have been used this way by some BLF members, it would actually turn out looking nicer than using the same number of just 4500K emitters in the same light.

Available pre-assembled from Aliexpress.

Looks like:


Some other less fancy (but cheaper) units available:


I take it that the 5600k is not high CRI though?

^ They are high CRI too. Just that I’m testing waters with Warm white first.

Oh okay nice! I’d be interested in 25 3400k and 25 5600k if ever you plan on getting the 5600k and if I can do that(I don’t want to mess up your inventory since you only ship 50 per pack). As DavidEF suggested I just plan on mixing these for a neutral temp.

Just found this 5mm led powered Mateminco BL-01 thingy @ FastTech:

Stylish “host” for an emitter swap (remember FastTech allows BLF coupon).

Very nice little bullets. Are the LEDs up to the specs of this lights? I imagine current might be somewhat higher than 25mA. No?

Thanks Barkuti!
Good idea :+1: , however I had to pay extra for shipping with batteries :rage:
Took also a few Fasttech flagships: authentic

The reason that I didn’t plan to go for 5600k is that Yuji still sells 5600k 5mm (and I believe there are still some of these or similar clones selling in the wild). I don’t plan to step on their toes (yet). But if enough people want me to do it, then I will do it, no objections :wink: But maybe I will, after the 2nd batch.

Do you already have an idea how to get the PCB out? Heat? Brute force? Both?

Nice find. Bought a couple of them, too :-).

I have no idea. Will see when I get them in hands.

This is the cheapest sale for the Mateminco BL-01 in AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32875327787.html

Crazy expensive.

If you wanna shop batteries at FastTech better pack some battery items together, saves money.

The battery shipping subject did a lot of harm to sales of harmless batteries and harmless battery powered stuff. I'd buy small shipments of alkaline or silver coin cells from china in the past and while it still is possible for cheap, it's not that easy.

Some sellers (in AliExpress) just @#$% with the “selected carriers for batteries” thing and ship the stuff declaring it to be something else, at least sometimes I think.



I also took some simple 5mm LED flashlights from local market but with a dynamo. I hope it’ll withstand wide temperatures range in my car. We’ll see.

Link for the same item on Ali.