[1900k edition is in!] WTS: 1900k-5800k 5mm LED 95+ CRI

Nice job. PM sent.

I had a few yujis but didn’t want to waste them. If these substitutes are produced in the foreseeable future I wouldn’t mine popping these in some cheap 99 cent store camping lamps and others 5mm led hosts.

I’ll take 1 pack

PM coming shortly

I’d like one pack, please. PM sent :slight_smile:

Woah, thanks for the order.

I ran out of envelopes to ship to you after I processed the paid orders. Those coming after will have to wait a few days for the envelope.

I’m buying new envelopes too, which will arrive around friday. I will ship the rest around Sunday.

So more of these will be for sale later, doesn't it? $5.15 + $4.50 for 50pcs PayPal fees already included, doesn't it?


Paypal fees not included.

I will be definitely ordering more of this. Although I’m not sure if they have the exact same bin in stock as of now.

This “Power Beam” flashlight @ FastTech O:) could serve as a host for them (review here and extra comments there).

This is micro-budget flashlight.
BTW: anything else worth your recommendation as host for 5mms?

You already know about the Fenix E01?

Good candidate, thank you.

I’ll place it in Surefire A2

I'll take a pack

What about multiple leds? Any decent host known? Headlight is a good idea too.

Round 1 packages are shipped (along with some other packages for different customers)

All of the packs have been reserved, so I will announce that this is now out of stock.

Anyone who placed the order should pay before Saturday, or I will cancel the order and release the reservation.

Aw, you shouldn’t have posted the bill, we trust you to the very end. Needless to say a reward for you should be granted admittedly. I’m really really thankful you make rare (hard to obtain where I live) leds available for us.

:beer: :beer: :beer:

There are some Varta hosts for multiple LEDs (up to 7). From the technical data I assume current is well within the specs, i.e. <=25mA. Those Vartas are not bad qualitywise, but I have not tried to open them. Yet.

Edit: Thanks a lot for shipping! :beer:

@rngwn Any other color temps planned in the future or only 3400k?

^ I initially planned for 4000k, but they don’t have it. I will have to make a jump to 5600k for anything cooler than that.

They may have 3500k, though.