[1900k edition is in!] WTS: 1900k-5800k 5mm LED 95+ CRI

So from what you’re saying, do the strings you found even need soldering to swap the LED’s?

I think I misunderstood which blue-branded store you were talking about. It sounds like you mean Ikea. I was thinking Lowes (I’m not sure there’s any rules here against discussing retailers by name, as long as it doesn’t seem like we’re trying to shill).

Whoops, I’m sorry I actually meant WalMart! I guess I’m still trained in being super cautious due to my beginnings on another forum!

The LEDs aren’t soldered, it’s just a pressure contact formed by the leads in the socket, just like the legacy incandescent mini strings they’re based on. You just fold the leads over against the plastic base and typically cut off the excess with a diagonal cutters. The lamp base lets you know where to cut the leads as there’s usually some kind of step where the lead is intended to stop.

Just a bump to say that I received my package yesterday. 20 days total to Sunny, hot and drought dry California. There was even tape from “Homeland Security” indicating they had opened the package!

It’s been a while, so it’s time for a little teaser:

A new sub-2000k CCT is currently under development & testing. It won’t come cheap.

Today I'm excited to announce a new 1900k for sale. I know some of you are secretly wanting somting warmer than 2300k in 5mm format and here we are. This is made by a different supplier than Sophia's (but the same as high-power 3200k).

On the same note: 2300k is out of stock at Sophia's the last time I checked, and my stock is only good for two packs, so consider this the last chance to stock up.

The price for the new 1900k is $9.7 for a pack of 50, or $39 for a pack of 250.

Here're the pics below, and you can see the full story here: https://imgur.com/a/VrY7qG6

Any news about the 4500K-EX?

Interested in the 1900K, but need to wait for a larger order to justify the new fee for tax handling through DHL (likely 6 EUR extra in Germany).

The interest is still pretty far from the goal (currently at only about ~15% of the goal achieved), so it will be quite some time until it become a reality.

I’m well aware of the new tax situation in EU, so if you want run the group buy locally, then be my guest.

I’m very interested in these LEDs (a few of each color temperature, have a (small) box full of C01). But due to the new import regulation in the EU it got quite complicated and expensive. Maybe someone can organize a group buy at taschenlampen-forum.de.

No, I meant my own order. Postage is a problem when importing for the fellow EU BLF members. Quite expensive in Germany, otherwise it would be a nice idea.

Thanks for offering this service!


Shipping in Germany is 1,90 € (the “new” Warensendung after they’ve discontinued it some years ago). I’m really tempted to buy for 150 € (to stay below customs limit - is it with or without import tax?), but not sure about the interest in the German community.

@Rgwn is 6.5$ tracked shipping covered to Croatia/EU or 10$ maybe?

Ask. Last time I posted some news about Rangwans LEDs and the C01 not much interest was shown. Maybe you’re more lucky than me.

Payment sent for 50pcs tracked.


I love that we have so many options to choose from but I’m out of the loop. Can someone point me to a good host for these please?

The current obvious host is the Sofirn C01. But be careful which colour to choose, we found out that black, red and green have a potted driver (can not be modded), and blue, brown and orange are not potted (easiest modding host ever).



Cool, thanks. I mistakenly recalled they were all potted, so I’d dismissed them as an option. Glad to to hear some colors will make an easy host for these 5mm LEDs.

A good option for the -EX model is the Nitecore Tube.

1900k Emitter under 365nm UV light

Compared to the rest of the C01 trio I modded (lowest CCT emitter on the right)

Nice! I bought some!