192led (.com) feedback?

EXACTLY the same here….same date - emailed them today….haven’t heard anything yet…If not trackable next week will have to dispute via Paypal. What on earth was I thinking……

Really don't know what does that tracking number thing means. Probably shipments are untracked, registered and tracked are different things.

In eBay it is quite usual to see tracking numbers even for the cheapest orders, which of course do not work. Could this tracking number thing be some sort of tricked PayPal requirement?

Yea this is true i order heaps of odd parts from eBay like SMD components and they are cheap and the sellers still gives me a tracking number that is none working because eBay requires the seller to use tracking. I mean if you can save a few cents on a order that maybe 1-2 USD that is a significant amount so why not.

Even happens at Gearbest and Banggood I’ve had it happen even after paying for tracking.

Still not showing up as even picked up/received by Hong Kong Post. Filed claim with Paypal.

What a stupid idea to use this unknown in the first place. 192a$$

No one forced you to use this merchant.

Allow yourself the benefit of the doubt. I am quite used to non-working tracking numbers, check what everydaysurvivalgear says above.

I am also waiting for a small package from them, hope it comes before Christmas. :-)

Cheers ^:)

It was recommended in the Massive fraud on 18650s in the Littokala Aliexpress stores! “Massive fraud on 18650s in the Littokala Aliexpress stores!” thread.

Can confirm, they didn’t update the tracking for 2 weeks, and haven’t answered over several days of inquiries even though it says they will respond in 24 hours, I will have to file a paypal dispute.

Wellp, I've been more or less promoting the site. It makes sense to me they could be some GearBest team spin off.

Of course I can understand your (lack of) customer service complaints, I've not even tried to contact them. I'll wait for my slow boat pending order shipment(s) before anything else in this regard.

In a worst case scenario I can file a paypal dispute anyhow, up to six months for that. But I'll at least wait for a couple months of shipping time, I've seen even worse with super cheap shipping orders every year around these dates.


Want to buy some battery from them but need to wait for more feed back.

Yes - you have. It is interesting - its almost as if you have a vested interest in people placing orders with them. I don’t know how you draw conclusions that it is a spinoff of GearBest or anything else.

Shockli Simon stated himself here that they had never been supplied any of their product (and that the site was a scam)

It is a scam site.

- just like 192pc.com

The paypal item description was clothing.
I placed an order for batteries on the 6th of November ($40 worth)
The tracking number provided on 7th November (Hong Kong post) shows item as never received - mind you even non trackable shipments have a number that will acknowledge receipt.
emailed 192led about the order several times….no response.
emailed through Paypal several times….no response
filed claim with Paypal - now have to wait till December to hopefully get money back

Don’t do what I did - stay away and stick to reputable dealers - if its too good to be true - it most likely isn’t.

No vested interest tundraotto, nothing besides having received dishonest and sub-par service from GearBest in my last shipments.

In the comment section on their 30Q batteries, I notice this comment:

“A very high quality item and of course GearBest’s prices are unmatched on any online competitor’s site that I’ve found.”

It’s almost like these comments were just ported over from Gearbest’s site. It might be this is a spin-off?

Anyway, I have no idea if 192 is legit or not. I’ll wait until someone actually gets an order and tests it.

Well - good luck waiting……I just went and saw my order status has changed from ‘Shipped’ to ‘On Hold’….I am wondering how that works

Yea, its quite annoying that I have to go through the charade of 20 days of pretending like they will respond to my paypal messages in the resolution center before I can finally open the actual dispute, especially when the evidence by this point should be over whelming. Not likely we are the only ones.

Looks like its best to begin screenshotting everything lest they change things.

Paypal just refunded me the money I spent on 192led, as this one never bother to answer (to them either).
So far, my conclusion is that 192led is a scam site and I do not recommend shopping there.

Already filed claim too. Quite funny seller name, “Online”. Pretty much says a lot I guess.

This is what Online owes me right now:


Cheers :-)

“Online” is the seller name for zcdeals.com too.

I filed a claim to get my money back from zcdeals.com about a week ago, they don’t respond to any messages from me or PayPal.

I also just now finally got my money back from Paypal……they never bothered to respond to them either……

Well - I’m following through and recommend others do so too:

may result in nothing - but the FBI has a long reach….in time and distance. Pissed me off enough to go through the extra effort.

Good evening … completing the comment of friend Barkuti, I had a very unpleasant experience with 192led.com, but I got a refund for paypal … I made a shockli 5500 black purchase and thanks to Shockli’s Simon, it does not fall into a trap. I bought the cells and 5 days after I received the tracking number by Hong Kong post, I questioned the originality of these cells about 7 days after the purchase, and then they never answered my email. 20 days after the lack of contact with 192led.com I contacted HK post and they informed me that the tracking number did not exist on their systems, I opened a dispute on paypal and was refunded. Alerto to friends here on the forum to buy through Paypal not to lose the chance of repayment, because I went through it and it is disgusting.

I should have checked BLF more carefully; after seeing someone listing 192Led as a source for Shockli 26650 5500mah’s I ordered a couple from them as couldn’t find anywhere else that said they could ship to my country. This thread and “Shockli Simon”s post saying 192led is a scam site now makes me think they’re unlikely to be legit/arrive.

Unlike others though it does look like I’ve been given a a tracking number that looks like it’s updating regularly. Will be interesting to see if anything/what arrives (note I’ve edited out location info but it looks like they’re heading to the right place):

Payment is via paypal so can (and will if they’re fake/don’t show up) dispute it.