$2.79 Samsung 25R, Could these possibly be legit?

‘If there is any doubt, there is no doubt.’ Ronin.


Not worth the trouble. My battery database shows $3.78 for a single 25R or as low as $2.90 in bulk.

Give it a pass mate…

Thanks everyone!
I figured it was too good to be true.

I can't open that link unless I disable AdAway, this means it is blacklisted by the “ad police”.

That is an affiliate link, doesn't it?

If you really need help, please provide a real link.

Anyway, before I see anything my forecast is ultra high fake chance.

You can try this one:

When they use words like “for Samsung” this indicates deception, and is indicating that they are admitting it is fake. Also it says 100% Authentic Batteries. I’m sure they are real batteries, but are they real Samsungs? This is more than likely tricky marketing deception.

Lotta 2600mAH crapcells will clock in at at least 2500, but internal resistance might be obscenely high.

Great points!

Description doesn’t jive either.

4PCS/lot for Samsung Original 18650 25R INR1865025R 20A Discharge Lithium Batteries 2500mAh Electronic Cigarette Power Battery

Product details:

Battery Brand: Liitokala
Battery name: Liitokala 18650 cylindrical lithium ion atteries
Battery Type: INR18650-25R_

More great points!
I feel kinda silly now for asking.

I definitely won’t be ordering those!

Thanks again everyone!

Hmm, Liitokala:

Not knowing leads to questions
Questions lead to knowledge
Knowledge leads to better questions

Embrace the silly.
It leads to growth if handled properly.

Is $2.99 +s/h good enough for you?

AND - from a reputable US company not too far from you?

Thanks, that is a great deal!

I purchased a 25R from a local Vape Shop and unfortunately it didn’t resolve my issue.

I now believe it’s a contact issue between the Driver and the pill.
I’m having a hard time getting solder to bond with the aluminum pill.

You don’t have to solder the driver to the pill to get an electrical contact. I have a number of S2’s where I soldered thin strands of wire to the driver side, snipped and bent the wires over the side of the driver, and then pushed that side of the driver first into the pill before pushing down on the other side of the driver. A bit of solder on the bent portion of the wire makes it more form-fitting and a solid press fit into the pill.

Before I did that I also soldered the driver to the pill and it was hard to do, ugly, and difficult to remove the solder from the threads at a later date.

Thank you!
I will try that this weekend!

Note: I just realized I thought I was replying to my other thread!

:open_mouth: Does this mean the batteries Simon sells on his AliExpress Convoy store are fake?

I was wondering about the driver/pill issue in this thread but I thought it was just thread drift :slight_smile:

No. Pretty sure.