2011 Tmart Coupons Activity for Flashlight

Hello! Thank you for your trust in Tmart for such a long time. We are always devoting ourselves to collecting your advice for us. When you hope that we can diversify our products, we try to add new products to website; when you hope that you can get good after-sales service, we have a Customer Service Representative to communicate with you directly. In order to thank you for all your help, we’ll do our best to create a good shopping environment.

Though Tmart was founded less than a year, we make great progress. It’s your previous advice that helps us grow fast. Since there are many flashlights enthusiastic and many of you even have professional knowledge of flashlight, it’s warmly welcome that you all evaluate our products and service. We hope that this activity could benefit you directly. Thank you for your support.


1. Hot Deals Coupons

The following are our Hot Products. You can have different coupon on different products.

Group A 25% off


MSRP: $13.39 Discount Price: $10.04 (coupon:$3.35)


MSRP: $23.6 Discount Price: $17.70 (Coupon: $5.9)


MSRP: $1.92 Discount Price: $1.44 (Coupon: $0.48)

Group B 15% off


MSRP: $19.89 Discount Price: $16.90 (Coupon: $2.99)


MSRP: $1.91 Discount Price: $1.62 (Coupon: $0.29)


MSRP: $2.86 Discount Price: $2.43 (Coupon: $0.43)

Group C: coupons for some new arrivals


MSRP: $24.60 Discount Price: $18.45 (Coupon: $6.15) (25% off)

MSRP: $29.98 Discount Price: $ 25.48 (Coupon: $4.5) (15% off)


MSRP: $42.00 Discount Price: $ 35.7 (Coupon: $6.3) (15% off)

2. Other Coupons

Except the discounted products, if you are interested in other products on our website http://www.tmart.com/Flashlights/ , just let us know and after discussing, we will offer you a corresponding coupon to our products.

3. Our Advantages: low price, worldwide free shipping, fast delivery.

4. More Details:

1. Just input which item you want in your post or contact us to ask for coupons.

2. Activity Time: From now~2011.11.2612:00 pm

3. Each one can only place one order of the same item.

4. Coupon can’t be used together with discounted products.

5. Coupon is used only in this activity; and it is invalid after November 2612:00 pm, 2011.

6. If a good result is received, we will hold relevant activities which benefit you more.

7. Feel free to contact us via customercare@tmart.com.

Thank you for the offer!

wa~~why you choose the $1 $2 items.. a little niggardly right? and there is no details in purchasing.

i just want to buy http://www.tmart.com/1-LED-Green-Big-Bulb-Flashlight-Torch_p100820.html

MSRP: $1.91 Discount Price: $1.62 (Coupon: $0.29)

but i want three, and is it still worldwide free shipping?

kind of an ignorant choice of words

i may be wrong, but seems pretty ignorant

Different etymology completely, nothing to do with the "N-word" at all.

Thanks T-Mart, those look like some good deals!

Thanks for you post, they are all hot products and we just wanna recommend to you. we are sure that our products are authentic and it is worldwide free shipping. There is a thread rating our products and service, you can visit the link: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/1932

ok then, sorry to jump

ive wanted a z5 for a while, but price would have to come down a hair more for me to pull the trigger

Thank you guys. I know what you mean. We also offer coupons for other products, but you can only place one order for each item.

You can contact us via customercare@tmart.com asking for the coupons, or PM us for more details.

i appreciate it, but i made my purchase for this week, and my next weeks purchase is already decided. depending on how long these coupons last, 2 weeks from now i may be interested

Thanks for the offers!

Thankyou for the offers Tmart!

One great benefit to Tmart has been the very fast shipping (from NY) that I have recieved.

Thank you for your affirmative answear. Items above is our hot products, if you are interest in them, just let us know.

The rating thread gives Tmart objective evaluation and we thank you for all you guys rating us. Since we are still growing, we'll do our best to improve ourselves.

We guarantee that there are not lying shills any more and we also hope that through our efforts, words such lying shills will stay away from us totally. We just hope that you can trust us, which is the most important thing to us.

And you can find some positive reviews about us recently. thanks!

We are dedicate to provide the directly material benifit, and hope guys here come over to pay tribute.

Also we are willing to launch group buying, Just tell us the items which in http://www.tmart.com/Flashlights/

And just enjoy the low-price items with high quality and fast delivery!