2014 Project Build- Cree Trifecta *Bucket's C8/Cu data in spreadsheet*

i can always add an o ring or something in there

Yes possible, but sometimes I can't get that to work.. all depends.

Love the shiny goodness that gleams red in the light
Love that awesome metal that gives lumens to my night
Work it with a file and sand with all my might
Putting copper in the middle of each and every light

Bad, I know, but gotta love it! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I recently learned:

A smaller emitter size needs a more precisely fully focused reflector shape for best throw. A larger emitter has more points of emission so a less than perfect reflector shape could still reflect points of light at the edge of the phosphor to infinity. However, with a tiny emitter, portions of that same imperfect reflector would be focused at points beyond the phosphor’s edge.

So, a less than perfect reflector could throw better with a large emitter (while producing a wider spot) but the smaller emitter with a perfect reflector (focused to infinity) will always have a tighter spot and should have better throw no matter what shape is used with the larger emitter.

The advantage is that a reflector can be smaller in diameter (without a change in length) and still have some point of emission from a large emitter focused to infinity so throw doesn’t get compromised even though the beam is wide. A tiny emitter needs a more perfect paraboloid with the correct length to width ratio or part of the reflector’s focus will miss the phosphor.

Super Useful post!

The “Super Mod” is in and running, some basic tests have been performed and it’s a doozy! I’ll be working on getting some pics of the light tomorrow, and more extensive test results but have already done some ironing on the inevitable bugs and all is well.

This is yet another Convoy C8. Orange peel reflector to date, but working on that. AR lens from Richard. And the XM-L2 U2 1A emitter on a 20mm Noctigon. Yes, a 20mm Noctigon. I have a Dr. Jones 3.04A lucidrv installed with 7 additional chips. Totally ran out of chips. lol But she’s pulling 5.55A from a Samsung 20R so I guess we’re pretty good right where we’re at.

What makes it a Super Mod? Well, Bucket put this one together. It’s got about half a pound of copper between the head and body, with the fins machined off the head and a copper spacer press fit onto the head to merge with the big finned copper pill that threads up into the head and the 20mm Noctigon sits right on top, perfectly situated for the reflector to mate up to! It’s a real beauty, hefty and solid and manages heat beyond expectations. How well? After the first 30 seconds in it’s first test run, it only dropped 93 lumens in the next 4 1/2 minutes!

Some numbers! Oh yeah, those…With a fresh 20R preliminary tests show a start up lumen value of 1700.85 OTF, with 1624.95 OTF @ 30 seconds. I’m showing in the second test that it’s still making 1538.70 at 2 minutes. This is running with the stock tail switch spring bypassed, I need to go ahead and get a McClicky for it or a Tofty or a Smart Switch, as I don’t know how long the stock switch will run 5.55A!

Buck has some pictures and a video of the making of this light on his thread on the C8 copper pill if you’d like to step over there and see how he did this one. The big copper pill is definitely paying off managing the heat, and it feels fantastic in the hand!

I’ll get more pics and more tests and put the results in the spreadsheet for the follow through to the Trifecta, with some beamshots to follow tomorrow night.

Those are nice #'s for sure... Not sure why you don't trust the stock switch - did you have troubles with them? I've replaced a Convoy C8 switch with a conventional Omten C8 style, and the Super Shocker pushing 6A at 12V through Omten C8 style/size switch's had no problems for me. Actually amazed the Super Shocker does 1,700 to 1,800 per LED, total of 5,200 - 5,400 lumens @30 secs total.

Your mod though has all the resistance of 15 7135's to compensate for, but the Shocker has the battery carrier...

That shocker is truly Shocking! Does it matter in this one that it’s with the stock Orange Peel reflector? Will a smooth reflector actually give more output? Ricky’s sending me a couple to try… will see how that goes.

I would’ve used more chips if I’d had em! lol Even tried pulling one from a broken Qlite, but I killed it. Believe me, I was scrounging for 7135’s trying to stack this puppy up! hahaha They were going on the inside and I didn’t want to have to pull it just to add one chip. Oh well, as someone more famous than I says “It is what it is…”

I don’t have any experience really with the Convoy switches, just thought it’d be better to bypass the spring and be prepared. Stock lights that are designed for lower amp ratings usually have fairly weak switches, like in the Solarforce L2 series, they start giving issues after 4.5A in my experience. The spring bypass is a great start, and gives that little extra oomph for the light anyway.

Man, that shocker must be an awesome thing to behold out and about!

I'm thinking the OP reflector actually may/should get slightly higher lumens, because those P60 thorough tests someone did and posted here showed that -- haven't checked myself. If you use a C8 reflector classified as for the XR-E, you get lower lumens and better throw - the conventional XML C8 reflector seems to get the best lumens. My XinTD X3 really puts out lumens (XM-L2 U2 1A w/dome) with it's great heat sinking - think it just made 1,500 at 4.9A (don't think I every went over 4.9A on a 7135 driver).

Yea, think blueb8llz has the domed Super Shocker, all the rest I did were de-domed.

Of source your copper heavy C8 should hold the lumens up higher for longer before things saturate out, I would think, and that's what you are seeing, it looks like.

Took my XinTDV4 and the C8/Cu for a walk last night and the XinTD had a nice tight hot spot, well defined, but a warmer tint. Seemed really close to the C8/Cu actually…don’t think I’ve even put it in the lightbox yet, still stock. Will probably leave it stock, as it just performs the way it is. It’s smooth reflector fits down tight to the emitter, doesn’t have that wide flat like so many these days do.

Thought I’d grab a couple of quick pics of the Buck Cu Bro’s, so without further ado…

Wicked cool!

Is that an old cabinet radio?

Cost $218 in 1914, we have the receipt. Something like that anyway, my memory is flawed so I can’t say those are the exact numbers, but it was in the $200 category way way back when that was a veritable fortune. It works, too. :slight_smile:

Edit: As usual, my memory has issues. Dad says my Mom’s Aunt bought the radio in 1928, the year he was born, for $165 and some change.

Yeah blueb8llz got your first domed supershocker and I got the second one. Mine has domes also.

Ohhh ok, guess I did two . With Sam 20R's, they are up there, over 5,000.

I ended up buying the XL-M2 light. This was pretty much my first purchase of a modified light. I have been looking around the forums for quite a while, but there’s still a lot that forgein to me in the wall of bins, chips etc. Form my initial question wondering he the light could be pushed any harder to me emailing DBCstm today because I finally bad some time to play with the light and needed a little help knowing what battery to buy locally I could not have been more impressed. The first PM I got looked like a book. He took the time to give me every option in the world, explain how different ones could effect other parts. Just a wealth of information. Honestly for the price he could have sent the one he had, did nothing and i would have been overly satisfied. DBCstm was so hones, iI inquired about having him building a light in the near future, kind-of said what I was looking for, and indicated I would have $200 or spend, maybe a little more. First he said try the light I bought from him, and if I wanted smaller he could do that, or I could go this way if I was interested in more throw. Then said for What i was looking for should be able to be done for $100. I find it rarer and rarer that just about anyone anymore just flat out says yeah I could do what u want and you are looking at about half of what you are willing to spend. Anyways just wanted to say if any one else, new cover or been here since before the Internet was around is considering buying a light he has for sale, or interested in a build PM him and see if u are anything but impressed.

Thank You, I really appreciate the kind words. Means a lot to me.

Hmm Dale, Doesn’t this echo the recent sentiment’s of another member here?

It does, and I appreciate it…nice to hear being a cheerleader and all. :wink: I try.

Dale, I've been mulliing over the numbers from your spreadsheet for a bit. I see that there is a definable lumen increase for the Bucket Sink. I was a little disappointed that it was fairly small. Then I broke out the calculator.

On a lumens per amp basis, Bucket Sink performs 16% better. (I use startup lumens and amps for both to calculate.) The spread between the Ryan copper pill and the Bucket Sink holds pretty steady across the measured times, so I'm comfortable with using one point to make a general statement about performance.

Anyway, 16% is pretty good. That's like getting an extra amp for free....with the Bucket Sink, at 6 amps the light output will be what 7 amps would have been with just the copper pill. Not too shabby.