2016: a new Sunwayman light T26C


Ultra compact 18650 light with length of 93mm. three colors. That is good. Convex lens with no zoom function? Got to say this is a intriguing design. :quest:

So it’s basically a mule, just to get a short as possible. I think the DQG Tiny is a better design. This is basically what I did with my L2M. It works OK as a bedside light, but for anything else the beam pattern isn’t practical

Exactly what I thought. It reminds me DQG 18650 V2 or V3. But TIR is a way better optics than this mule. I don not believe there claim of 97% transmission rate. :smiley:

Interesting and risky design… They’re claiming the lens having 97% transmission rate, not that the user will get 97% of emitter-lumens OTF

That is true but misleading.

I’m not a fan of its a Mule. If it’s a focused broad spot I’m interested.

Maybe that’s why they claiming is does 800 lumens while the other lights, with a reflector, have 1,000 lumens.

I’m only interested if its a narrow spot.

I.looked at the UI and levels. Nope. Not for me.