[2018-11-30] Report post button

I feel the reason Trolling/Very bad behavior is impacted so much by a Report button is because it is a quantifiable number.

People like having no negative numbers, since it keeps dopamine levels high.

In another way though, it’s a kind of self-censorship. I’ll let you think on that one :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m not official, unless you mean officially full of myself. :wink:

… as, I assume, are all the other people who talk as if they’re in charge… or feel that their presence is required in every discussion… or assume nearly every post is about or directed at them.

It’s especially fun when we get several in the same thread. But when that happens, it’s probably best to just report the worst bits and wait until everyone is done beating their chests at each other. They’ll generally calm down eventually.

In general, the guideline I’d suggest for whether to post something is: If saying it would escalate a conflict, don’t do it. But if you can de-escalate a conflict, it might be worth saying. Or if it’s otherwise interesting, insightful, informative, productive, or entertaining, say it. Just… don’t initiate or escalate conflicts.

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Sorry, that got longer than intended.

TL;DR: It’s a lot easier to make a mess than to make a thing of value. Don’t be that guy who goes around making messes. Try to add value instead.


Well said TK. I’d use yourself as an example off a member that goes above and beyond adding just value. :slight_smile:

Thanks sb for the effort you put single handedly in here… :beer:

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(just kidding!)

good change SB!

once again I want to express how awesome you and the community you created are!

Never user the “Rude” button but got my first one this week due to a long “from the guts” post, that aimed no one in particular, just an overall feeling!
Well,I would have preferred to have the person PMing me and say something about it, than clicking on it! But those are just idiosyncrasies :wink:

SPAM button gets some clicks now and then, specially when necromancy is used in long “dead” threads :smiley:

I guess this “Report Button”, having a less “negative” connotation may help to ease some fired up discussions :wink:
But again, it’s up to us, members, to decide to write things and sending them or just let things pass :wink:

Thanks SB!!!

I do sometimes ask people to change their language or subject, only when what they post is indeed against the forum rules, but I do it because I have a 8 year old son myself and don’t want to have to hide my computer/tablet when he happens to watch. (he is starting to learn a bit of english atm and might become a flashoholic himself later :innocent: ).

I’m glad someone got the joke. :slight_smile:

I don’t know who C_k was actually talking about; I don’t read most of the threads on BLF. But after sb’s clarification that everyone here is on equal ground, hopefully people won’t act like they have any sort of special status. There is no hierarchy on BLF.

Anyway, the reported-post button seems to be a pretty effective measure for reducing bad behavior during difficult and divisive times. Also presumably helpful for optimizing sb’s admin time. I’d call it a win.

I just clicked the report button on post #1 :smiling_imp:

Well, he did tell us to have fun, and you seemed to enjoy it.

No harm, no foul.

It’s hard to convince someone to back away from the keyboard and quit replying;
the little voices in the head demand to be heard (and transcribed).

When it’s me, I go watch some relevant and cautionary videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx98pskffOY

Adding more support for the new approach,
‘’Rude’ reporting mixed opinions and preconceived notions in expressing judgements from cultural/geographic bias.
When working in ‘The Shark Tank’, nickname for a branch of an ‘Upscale Wretched Excess Electronics’ chain of stores (R.I.P), the ‘often’ highest volume salesman (from New York) who fancied himself entertaining, seemingly patterned his sales approach on Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi character. It was great for us choir boys who took up the slack and the grateful customers who learned to value us more.
In fairness, the guy could not fully understand, from his side of the aquarium glass, why being socialogically ‘out to lunch’ got no traction with most people. It helped the rest of us evolve, but many ‘first and only time’ visitors never became customers. His language included every ‘NSFW’ expression we had ever, and never imagined.
So……yes, reporting for immediate attention, makes more sense than waiting for Rude points to accumulate for a clueless person while they set a bad example, especially for the innocents.

I liked it as “Rude”, it is more concise than “Report”
I thought it added a nice flavor to this forum!

I guess it’s safe to admit now that I thought about doing that when I first read this thread, but I was chicken. I’m glad somebody had the fun. :smiling_imp:

I can’t stop now. Someone is wrong on the internet!

(credit to XKCD)

I totally agree.

I must admit, this forum has already become sort of „second life“ for me. While some other forum‘s moderation/administration (no, I don’t peach on anyone in particular) have made me frown every once in a while, IMHO BLF has always been fair, nonpatronizing and open-minded towards its members. I like the way SB handles it. Thank you for the great work you do! :-)



Another message from -The belligerent dictator of nightmares come true:

“You were all so foolish and forced me to ban you from my forum! All because you didn’t support the sniveling vendors (aka: ass-kissers) who pay ME to advertise their grossly overpriced junk for profit. LMAO! So what if you own budget lights that do a far better job for 1/10th the price? Just dont post that crap on my forum and your account might survive a lot longer! I know you all hate it over here on BLF and miss my forum. So for a limited time, Ive decided to allow you to come back. To reinstate your account, it’ll only cost you a $50 gift certificate to one of the many fast food restaurants I enjoy. I think everyone knows I love pizza, french fries and cheese cake… and lots of it!”

Mountain Momma! I’m coming home!
I’ve been amiss counting my pennies!
You need them more than me!

I’d urge those who got off topic in the in the mail thread —- no matter how much you believe you weren’t part of the problem — please reread this from the last post:

How to find your posts: “search within thread” by Author (your userid)

Why do I ask? Because as of today I’m up to ten flashlights on the way.
Mail carrier came and went, leaving me nothing.
And I thought the thread worth saving.
It helps me with self-control, alway good to practice.