[2021-02-25] Private message spam, **NOT** hacked

You both joined BLF in 2019.

If the spambots started with user #1, and then went up from there, maybe they didn't get to BLF members that joined in the last couple of years.

It looks like they didn’t go in order, I’ve received PMs from several users that got spammed in the 30,000 - 33,000 user ID range.

No, that bit isn’t correct TK. I can see everyone’s messages who replied to me too every message ever that is lol - hundreds of them, or did you mean that? sorry, unsure

Just to be transparent, I removed the previous two threads that started discussing this issue before this official one. It’s not an attempt to hide anything, but rather there was a lot of speculation and wrong information in those threads regarding what had happened. Thanks very much to everyone here for their patience and understanding.

Right, all messages that were ever sent to you were getting dumped onto the screen when visiting an email notification link to a PM that no longer exists. So it’s not a privacy leak because they were the same messages that you had sent and received, just all in one big threadless glob.

Ah I see, sorry for the confusion.

Oh, okay.

I bet you've gotten more than your fair share of PMs today.

You could say that… :weary: :wink:

Thanks for your hard work and diligence, Mr. Admin.

Yep, if your forum is going to be run by a single administrator, it's beneficial to have someone that is capable (and friendly.)

My message was from Jasica11. I didn’t see where anybody else was contacted by her.
Maybe she was real? :smiley:

Anyone got a copy of the message so they can send it to me?

I feel so left out… :cry:

Don’t play the innocent, we all know it was you behind it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wellp, I think whoever had the asscheeks avatar was behind it…

I remember a thread with a bunch of behinds in it.

That thread had to go away.

It was very naughty.

Got the e-mail notif from a PM by alisausa11 today at 3:46 AM (GMT –4 time zone). Can’t see the message itself, I’ve already deleted it.

I received mail from BLF notifying me PM.
I clicked link to PM and it was Diane98.
Thank you SB56637

I had a message from 2011 haha. Hi guys long time no see.

Hey there E1320! Welcome! I guess every cloud has a silver lining. :wink:

So I don`t have to send nudes to stay registered on the forum? :laughing: