20700 flashlight list

Great Idea! :+1:

I really like that Maxtoch Shooter, what a sweet piece! :wink:

Uhm… Can they take 21700 too?
It seems there will be a brighter future for the 21700 than for the 20700 size…

The Sofirn SF30/ThorFire TA13 battery tube measures ∅23mm internally, and takes two Aspire 18350 cells in series without difficulty (preferably with the included ;-) adapter).

It just needs some custom crafted full copper elongated (+5mm) inner headpiece to boost flood angle, output and power handling. :-D

My Storm of Ra lights are designed for 20700s and really should use them considering how much power it draws. I’m loving these new cells and will probably build more lights that use them and 21700s when the 30Ts become available.

Excuse me for the stuff I am going to say next scianiac, but there are reasons behind.

That (¬_¬) Storm of Ra thing, looks like you've put some massive aspheric lens in there, active cooling, careful design… and a crappy :facepalm: 7135 driver in there? How can you be serious about that?

I can understand how people can use those driver PoSes in small flashlights where there's not enough space for a proper buck, boost or buck/boost driver. I can understand the world of these drivers still seems underdeveloped, as people only seems able to program for ATtiny and those making proper drivers seem to like PICs, but seriously… :facepalm:

6V LVP? What is the actual voltage at which the driver starts throttling down the output? Way above 7V, right?

FETs and 7135s, c'mon…

A proper buck and/or boost engine allows for full battery energy usage at the highest level of efficiency, full regulation, and all modes continuous (free from PWM). Some may doubt this but that is due to insufficient enlightenment.


I would have loved to use a nice buck driver but no such thing exists, space is still quite limited and there is no way I could have fit such a powerful buck/boost driver in there and I’ve looked for them. Even if I made it much larger the only options have no flashlight features. Maybe a future light with more space will have that luxury but the storm is meant to be a fire breathing monster that illuminates mountains, efficiency and practicality be damned.

Control shot
Distance measurement

Are these the 30T’s you speak of?

Related thread, scianiac: Buck and Boost Drivers, Testing, Modding, and Discussion (Pic Heavy)

I really like these new drivers available at Kaidomain, namely the H1-A, the H2-C and of course the LD-29S!

The LD-29S equips a 10A SS10P4 schottky, and the inductor can be upgraded easily. Of course, multiple drivers can be set up in parallel to the same O:) emitter }) for higher driving power. Using 21700s in a 3S input setup, the newest iJoy 40A 3750mAh (up to 24A continuous and true 3600+mAh simultaneous) cell would do nice with a stack of LD-29S drivers:

For the customers who just want to brag, go linear. For the ones who really want to use the tool, go switchmode. ( ಠ ͜ʖರೃ)

Oh, well, just my point of view.

All of our lights can use the 20700 batteries. We will release two new series…. a C-8 sporting an XHP 50.2 and a new triple / quad TLSA-9 series this next week that take the 20700 as well. TL

Great idea for a thread Texas Shooter. THANKS!

Well alrighty! :+1:

Yeah I’ve seen a few wholesalers advertising 30Ts but I think they aren’t really available yet and those may be like we’ll have them soon, most of these Chinese wholesalers will list anything and everything they can maybe get their hands on.

Yeah in many regards I agree with you Barkuti, although it would require quite a bit of modding and stacking to get those to comfortably output the power levels and that means a lot of labor and labor is the most expensive part about selling US made lights. And in the end this is really not the goal of this light, I can see maybe in the future building more practical lights but this one is about crazy performance. 600+kcd at ~6000 OTF lumens all contained in the beam not wasted in spill, forced air cooled it will run flat out until the batteries are dry. I can’t think of any other lights that will even touch it, and to do that yeah it’s maybe not super practical. At the end of the day it is a bit of an experiment to see if people will like this concept. I don’t really like doing the whole black aluminum tube with reflectors type of thing that everybody does, I like stuff that is different and unique (and throws like crazy).

Can understand scianiac, there's development work to be done for more powerful fully regulated drivers. Are you driving that XHP70.2 at 18A? That'd be 6 of those drivers without modification, though of course, but whatever you're using is more than likely less expensive.

Seems to me you have invested much more in the lens setup. I also like it this way and once thought about a zoom lens setup providing a high degree of efficiency and possibly variable beam width (4 lenses?).


There is no reputable source selling these batteries and for a good reason: they are scheduled to be released next year.
There are engineering samples floating around, but this seller certainly can’t secure 10000 pieces / week. So I’d say it’s a fake.

It’s not 20700, ⫹ ACTIVE AGAIN ⫺ JETBeam TH20 ✺ Tactical flashlight XHP70.2 - Interest list but if you want 3,450 lumens why not consider 20700/18650 sleeve and format the 2-CR123A isn’t even going to get it warm. I’m asking manufactures on their Facebook and their web sites to consider the extra power added by the new size. Granted the 20700 is only a tiny fraction of 1% of the batteries but so are their small cutting edge super bright lights. And that’s my rant for the day.

Shooter, you put me on the path to those 20700 batteries. THANK YOU! I tried them… moved immediately to making them a standard offering here. We have sold lights sized for these 20700 literally by the hundreds. We have not had a single complaint about the 20700 batteries. Just the opposite. I predict that if problems do develop, it will be after they are mainstream…. offered at big discounts, and of course, labeled for a gazillion milliamps rating when they aren’t. Like China does lumens!

We liked the 20700 well enough to develop a C8…. HXP 50.2 that uses the 20700…… and then what we call right now, our newest TLSA9 series that are carrying the triple / quad XP-L HI :wink: The triple gives you about 3,300 of the 3,450 you are looking at. :stuck_out_tongue: The TLSA9 series are small…. POCKET LIGHTS :wink: if you want them to be, at a length of 4 5/8”. Here is a sneak peek…. we’ll release these and the C8 this weekend…or later today. Of couse, these can use the 18650. Sorry for the bad image… just grabbed this right quick.

I think the 20700 batteries are here to stay…. The extra run time compared to the 18650 just makes them perfect in my mind. TL

I don’t want to rant on my own thread or anyone else. But the 20700 is the very best 18650+25% for both capacity and amperage. It’s only a fraction larger than 18650 to allow sleeved or no sleeve. This magical 25.4mm/1” diameter limit so we can mount it on a firearm is very rarely done. Give a few extra mm’s and I can think of a lot of lights that would go from good to good+25. A few of those only need a new body and maybe tail cap, as the threads on the head are large enough. Maybe manufactures a nice after market accessory or upgrade. I actually bought the Maxtoch Shooter-2X solely on it’s 20700/18650 use. I tend to sell old lights to help buy new brighter and better. I’ve been holding off on a lot of lights waiting for the few 20700’s to come out. 90 of my lights are single cell and my work lights get used all night, I want that 25% extra. I hear that the 20700 is too rare to be practical. Poor argument, I can order plenty of high quality 20700 cells. When depleted recharge, I have yet to replace a battery with any light. I’ve just never had to recharge a cell over 500 times yet. Now we have TEXASLUMENS taking a niche market away from the big boys. Maybe he’ll own it when it goes mainstream? Sad to loose the 2-CR123A’s compatibility don’t be those lights are for emergency storage not every day use. 26650, love them but the big cutting edge battery guys;Panasonic, Sanyo, LG, etc. didn’t pump the latest technology into them.

A little plug for TexasLumens. His lights are truly hotrods but with the mass and thought going into them only a hand warmer on a hot day at best. Well for now at least but he’ll probably unleash some crazy quad that’ll melt the paint off houses at a 100 yards. The mans been hanging around Dale to long.

Tip of the day. A small rubber band around the middle centers an 18650 in a 20700 tube nicely. The tail and head contact keeps the battery from tilting.

Maybe we should add to the thread 18650’s that could be rebored to 20700. Buy a thick body 18650 list the dimension.

I think the 20700 body sounds perfect IMO if only because it will nicely accommodate all of those larger protected 18650s. The support for the larger battery type is just a bonus on top of that. I think it would be great if all lights started being made for this spec since it is “backward compatible” with 18650s.

The Acebeam L30 body tube fits the L16 adding it to the 20700 capable list. Would be nice if Acebeam sold the L30 body tube and tail cap separately as an upgrade for the L16.

Why not at least for the big lights, provided the light or host kit comes with good anti-rattle sleeve(s) and good contact springs for the even greater length variation.

However, the more compact types in 18650 and 18350 categories are on the very limit of being almost too thick anyway. Even with straight tube form. A somewhat compact large-EDC class light like the Convoy S2+ or the several others with nearly identical outside dimensions would be IMO ruined for their purpose if designed to fit 21700. I would buy one :innocent: , but it would not be the same. It would not compete with the rest, not for the same role.

I need a new headtorch soon. Should I hold out for a 20/70021700 one? I’ll pester Zebralight to consider it!