21700 Battery holder or new charger

The 21700 won’t fit in my Lii-260. They do fit in my Lii-100, but I’d like check the capacity and resistance of new batteries.

Is there a 21700 battery holder around, so I could use my programmable charger?
Or, what’s the cheapest charger that will fit a 21700 and give capacity and resistance?

I was thinking about the Xtar VC2S, but one review said the 21700 won’t fit.

In case that reviewer was me (and it was, and I’m editing the post now):

The VC2S does in fact fit 21700 cells just fine. Unprotected flat tops only (are there even any protected or button tops?)

Anyway, VC2S fits 21700!!

Sure would be nice if there was a 21700 forum to have all the related discussion in 1 spot. Strange thing to observe, there’s 2 “AA” forums, there’s 2 “AAA” forums, there’s zero 21700 forums. Seems a bit odd to me. Actually…seems more than a bit odd to me.

Haven't seen a 21700 battery holder with terminals, but . . . (just saw the link above)

The 21700 fits three of my chargers (1) Xtar Dragon VP4 plus (2) SkyRC MC3000 (3) AccuPower IQ338XL

The two 21700's I own are the Samsung 40T and 48G. These two in particular may require spacers for the + terminal, because the + terminal sits just below the top of the battery housing, which may not mate properly with the chargers terminals. I just use a bent paper clip.

All three above do capacity tests, as well as resistance. The Xtar in particular comes with a set of dedicated probes for measuring internal resistance.

Sorry, these aren't the cheapest chargers.

Nice find, but at $19.67 shipping I’d be better off stripping down a Lii-100. I’ve got a cheap looking Warsun single cell charger that I don’t use, the 21700 fits, so I may do that.

Back to the chargers, I thing I’ll try the Xtar VC2S. I did think about the Xtar VC4, but don’t think these measure the battery resistance.

My modification.

I just ordered a Miboxer C4 Upgrade in order to charge the 21700 in my new Sofirn C8F. The other choice for me from Miboxer was the C2-4000, but I opted for the C4 Upgrade. Hoping that it will work well.

nice mod Petr J


Nitecore ums2 will do 2 (even long protected 21700 batteries) at 2amps each or 1at 3amps. $29 at amazon. Or with coupon from China around $20.

Yes :slight_smile: