21700 Zoomable & Tri-color lighting sources Brinyte T28 Artemis hunting light

Brinyte will release a newest 21700 hunting flashlight named T28 Artemis, its main features as following:

. Tri-color lighting sources control switch
. Tail stepless dimmer switch( Turn the tail knob to adjust any brightness 2–100)
. Rotate the head to adjust the beam
. Come with a stepless dimmer pressure remote switch
. Powered by one 21700 rechargeable battery

Is there anyone interested in testing? :smiley:

Hey Brinyte.
Your B158B was one of the most remarkable zoomies out there, providing good quality, very good performance and reasonable price.
I own one….and I am very dissatisfied with it simply because it’s not my kind of light.
Reverse clickies don’t work for me, I change modes as I use the light and having to turn it off for that kills the fun.
Also I really dislike twisty zoom - with push pull I can make the light follow my eyes by adjusting quickly to where I want to see. With a twisty I have to stop, grab the light in both hands and keep twisting….not the experience that I seek.

I see that you removed one of the blockers while also upgrading battery size. Would you consider making a push-pull zoomie at some point?

It is nice that this light lacks the one-button interface and the usual cick-sequences that you need to learn, just twist for brightness and a colour-selector.

Brinyte, can you post a picture of the front of the light, showing lens and leds?

ha, Brinyte T28 Artemis tail with tail stepless dimmer switch and tri-color lighting sources switch is specially designed for hunting. About the usual-sequences, you can check this link about our Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper tactical light: http://www.brinyte.com/product/PT18-Oathkeeper-desert-tan.html May I know if I answerd your question after you read my reply?

Hey Agro,
Many thanks for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you don’t like to twisty zoom, thanks for your feedback, your feedback has been sent to our company, maybe in the future we will design a push-pull zoomable hunting light.

Hey Brinyte2018,

Nice to see some updates about your zoom flashlights. I once reviewed the Odepro KL52 Plus of your affiliate Odepro, see here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/55138

I really appreciate those changes in the UI which now can be easily operated with only one hand. Former models had strobe in the main sequence of the mode order which was quite annoying in frequent use.

On TLF there is a nice review of the Brinyte T28 Artemis with lots of pros and only few words of cons:


Personally, I would be interested in a single TIR lens version of the Artemis, i.e. no zooming mechanism but a fixed optic with exchangeable emitters (by selecting via switch).



Hey Lux-Perpetua,
Thanks for your attention about us.
Your review about Odepro looks great. And thanks for your shared info about T28 Artemis and your suggestion about single TIR lens version hunting light without zooming mechanism but a fixed optic with exchangeable emitters(by selecting via switch), that is a good idea, but may I know why don’t you like the zooming mechanism?

Zoomlights are known to be rather inefficient in terms of effective output. The fresnel lens however is a good decision to reduce its weight.

Like Odepro's KL41 (https://www.amazon.com/Odepro-Hunting-Flashlight-Rechargeable-Battery/dp/B0756DP9QB) there might be a good chance to offer the same T28 design with a different head section. If you used a single emitter TIR lens or a SMO reflector you could offer a nice versatile, multicolor tactical flashlight with a smaller head.

:+1: Thanks for your suggestion and info Lux-Perpetua, SMO reflector is in our consideration for next hunting light

$. ?

Sorry, the price is not available at this moment… It will be released at the beginning of December. Will let you know as soon as possible! Thanks for your attention.

I would like to try this thing. Just because most previous zoomies have not really impressed doesn’t mean that this one won’t be better. If you guys can make a zoomie that actually zooms (as opposed to masking the spill while the spot maintains even brightness) then I am sure you will sell a tonne.

That's great. I will be glad to have a look at it. :-)

This is a very interesting light! I have yet to mount a 21700 light on my AR for coyotes. It would be nice if it does not take a lot of twisting to get from one extreme to the other for zoom…

Many thanks for your comment and attention, the brightness will be changed to be lower when zooming-out, what you mentioned is a question indeed.

ha, Brinyte T28 Artemis will be released at the beginning of December, so you can have a try at that time :smiley: And many thanks for your reminding for zooming

Thank you Lux-Perpetua, please stay tuned