2x 18650 Battery Case

Looking for something similar to:
Fenix HP30R 18650 Batterie Box/rechargeable Power Bank
Holds 2x 18650 cells with a connector on the end
Googled hours looking for something. I have seen then for 4x, but not 2x
Would appreciate any help

You mean something like this? It is normally $13.99 with coupon code. Unfortunately can’t find one now https://www.banggood.com/Astrolux-PD2-Type-C-18W-QC3_0-PD3_0-Quick-Charge-USB-Battery-Charger-Flashlight-RC-Phone-Power-Bank-Intelligent-Battery-Case-Box-For-Li-ion-21700-or-20700-or-18650-p-1793797.html

Not sure if you need 1s2p or 2s1p.
have a look on this options:
Ferei BA2842 блок держатель Ferei для аккумуляторов 18650 х2 налобного фонаря (speleo-s.ru)
Ferei BA2884 (7,4V) блок-держатель для аккумуляторов 18650 х2 налобного фонаря (speleo-s.ru)

Also you can see some DIY option on my BLF caving headlamp entries:

Sort of. It needs to have a bike light connector on the end (round plug)

The BA 2884 is perfect. I’ll try to see if they ship to the USA