2xAA neutral white?

Dear friends

Anyone know of a 2xAA light in the UK or perhaps China that is floody, has power sipping modes, perhaps with a TIR and is neutral white? I have the Olight S2a Baton and it is perfect apart from the cold white tint! I also just got Energizer one but it is not good for middle of the night and Thrunite Archer 2A V2 but it’s beam is too narrow. If only Zebralight could make a 2xAA torch.

Hat about modding your S2A with a neutral emitter of your choice ?

I would like to do that, is it easy? It would make the S2a my holy grail :sunglasses: :+1:

It is quite easy if you buy the new LED on a MCPCB

Doable if you have to reflow the new LED on the board, see the video tutorial
Its easy after you watched the video
If you dont have solder paste I did it with normal electrical solder

You need a source of heat a buffer so the temperature raises not to quick that’s it

Don’t try to use a new MCPCB… You’ll have big trouble adjusting it to the right diameter AND thickness.
It’s far easier to reflow the XM-L2 of your choice on the stock MCPCB.
BTW, I’ve never opened my S2A (which is not mine but my wife’s…) but I think that it’s the same as the S2.
You’ll find some videos in my signature for the S1A, S1, S-mini and S2 modding.

Have a search about for a Xeno E15 it’s the 2AA version of the Xeno E03 which was popular a couple of years ago.

It was available in CW, NW and WW


Hmmm I think I may be out of my depth modifying the LED and can’t seem to find the Xeno E15. Perhaps there is something with more than 2 AAs? Don’t really like the ‘coke can’ style ones but wouldn’t mind one that is longer and a little thinner?

How about the Crelant V21A, which is available with a neutral white XM-L2 as V21AN?

[edit] BTW: No blinkies and also no PWM! :+1:

Eagletac D25A2 if you can track down a neutral white version, I love my two.

You could try to contact 3Tronics, I am sure James could help you, he is also from UK and does custom work.

Thanks guys, I did it! I contacted 3Tronics now to wait to see what he says. It’s the TIR I like :+1: nice big hotspot with no edge.

I’m making joule thief lights, 2AA, that have 2 modes: high and “moonlight”. Moonlight mode is to help you find them. Not yet for sale but they will be soon.

Meanwhile, here’s a 2AA joule thief light that has one on mode (off and on), but it really sucks those batteries dry.

It's time I weighed in on this thread. I've ditched all my lithium-ion lights for lights that can use AAs (NiMH or lithium 1.5V primary cells). Read my signature block to see what I ended up keeping.

I own five EagleTac D25A2 Clicky with Nichia 219C in 4300K. I bought the last five for sale in America, all from Illumination Gear: One for my raincoat, one for my winter coat, one clipped to my wallet, one for my kitchen, and one that I keep by the front door. I've tried about 7 kinds of 21-22mm diffuser or wand to use with these and will report on their fit and effectiveness when I get a chance. To be honest, I'm not fond of the mode spacing, the strobe, or the complex interface. It's all about the Nichia.

If you live in North America, Illumination Gear still has several EagleTac (EagTac) 2AA neutral white lights for sale:

  • D25A2 Tactical Clicky with XM-L2, U2 bin, in Neutral White. Nice beam profile, output, and tint but lower CRI than a Nichia. Three left at $50 shipped. Nice, simple 3-mode interface, with strobe disabled unless you take pains to enable it.
  • D25A2 Tactical Clicky with XP-L Hi Neutral. Two left, each $63 shipped.
  • P200A2 with XP-L HI Domeless Neutral for $61 shipped (two left). The XM-L2 (U2) variant is sold out, sold to me. I ended up giving it to my daughter because my Nichias had made me a CRI snob.
  • P25A2 with XM-L2 in U2 bin, Neutral White. One left for $70 shipped. The emitter is probably the same as the one used in the P200A2 I described above.
  • P25A2 with XP-L2 Domeless HI in neutral white. One left for $70 shipped.
  • P20A2 modules in XP-G2 neutral white and XP-L2 neutral white for use in a P25A2. There are one or two of each left, each about $25 shipped.

On the Asian discount megasites, you can buy a Jaxman M2, XM-L2 in T6 bin, both in 5500K "neutral white" (4C tint) or 4300K "warm" (5A tint). I own the warm and love it. But I think mine is warmer than advertised--say, 3900K. In fact, the white box it came in appeared to be hand-marked "5B". Great CRI, comparable to my Nichia 219C D25A2s. More output than my EagleTac XM-L2s. And under $30 shipped! The M2 can use a Nitecore 34mm diffuser cap but the Nitecore spreads the beam more broadly than I'd like so you're better off applying a good diffusion film. I wish the two modes were spaced farther apart; the Low mode looks nearly as bright as the High, and since the switch remembers your last choice, I find myself pushing the reverse clicky two or three times to make sure I'm in the mode I prefer.

Other 2AA models, available new:

  • any of several D26 modules with a Solarforce 2LR (correct?) host
  • three 2AA brands that use an XP-L emitter in high-output V3, V5, or V6 bin, said to be neutral white but no way when an LED is pumping out 500 to 650 lumens on 2AAs:
    • Manker E12
    • Thrunite Archer 2A V3
    • ArmyTek Prime A2 Pro V3.
  • Armytek Parter A2 V2 with XM-L2 in warm. Again, the tint may be warm but at 575 lumens, there's no way that beam will be high CRI. In fact, an owner on this forum confirmed it to me in another thread.
  • Energizer Vision HD 2AA. Not sure what emitter this uses; maybe a Rebel. Under $30.
  • Malkoff Devices MDC with Nichia 219BV2. Over $100.
  • Sunwayman R20A with an XP-G R4 LED. Describes as "full spectrum" by BatteryJunction ($38) but as "neutral" at GoingGear ($25).