3 D cell Mag-Lite Mod?

I believe CPF member H22A makes both rebel and incan heatsinks. At least it seems that way. You can always ask him on CPF. These heatsinks are flat on the bottom, they don't have a driver pocket like a P60 drop in. Usually people will just wire so that the driver hangs below the heatsink or they use thermal glue (AA), to glue it to the bottom of the heatsink. For Direct Drive, just remember that the P7 leds worked so well, because certain bins ran with higher forward voltages than the XM-L leds do. XM-L is better off with a driver.

You could do a "will anyone here on BLF sell/make me a Magilte D heatsink on their lathe?" thread. There are several members here that "might" do that.

Fall is comming... Wink