3 vs 4 emitter lights which is the most efficient?

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I've been going through Hank, Simon, and Lumintop's multi-emitter lights a lot lately. One thing that bugs me is the heat vs output balance. I tend to wonder if one maintains a greater lumens per degree than the other within the same chassis/frame, 3 or 4 emitters? Has there been a study on this that I can eyeball?

If we could get perhaps a Lumintop FW3A or KR4 using the same emitters and measure temps and lumens along a few dedicated points in the temp range, then take the same chassis/frame and install a 4 emitter setup in it and do the same, that would be perfect. The FW3A is a great light as is the KR4, and Hank's boost driver seems to be a good design, so perhaps we can find an ultimate setup that uses both, and the most efficient setup being either 3 or 4 emitters to achieve the same results.

Unless it's already been done..... :)

With a regulated driver more LEDs always means higher efficiency except at low current where the efficiency of an LED decreases..
With a FET driver, not sure.

Edit : nevermind I missed the part you mentionned efficiency in relation to throw.

Given the same head size. Four LED’s will give you more lumens, three LED’s will give you more throw.

More LEDs that illuminate a larger area, use more power

a single LED that illuminates a smaller area, uses less power.

Wide Floody wall of light from multi LED lights, use more power than a single LED with a tighter, more focused beam.

Floody uses more power than Throwy…

More LEDs use more power because they light up a larger area.

So, let's say we have a reflector that provides an equal spill and hotspot for each emitter count, is there a point in current output where 3 is as efficient as 4 emitters since we're jamming 4 emitters in the same space?

4 emitters are more efficient than 3 at the same current, you get more lumens per watt. The resulting luminance of the surface - cundella - depends on the optic.

Perhaps, but is there not a point where the emitter is now at a fixed output, but the surrounding heat is causing inefficiency? My point is being made specifically towards a scenario where either 3 or 4 emitters are in the same exact chassis. So, less cooling space between them, and around them. So, you're disspipating more of that current in heat than in light?

4 emitters are always more efficient than 3 emitters.

More emitters are always better in terms of efficiency with a fixed output.

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Second, ok, seems like the consensus is that more is better, even within the same mounting space. Thanks folks.