300 Lumens or 400 Lumens?

What lights are you looking at? According to the hds fanboys 300 hds lumens looks similar to 3000 lumens from any other brand.

Let’s ask Mr Owl…

The only thing better than eight minute abs is……… Seven minute abs.

Here is proof:

An insciption on a recntly discovered tombstone in W-Angkor says: 314.159265 lumen!

I recognize that figure!

I have pi memorized to that number of digits, but can never remember what comes after that second 5.

(I know, I'm just being irrational.)

It’s 35. I would hate myself if I robbed you from a night’s sleep.

Today kids are fascinated by Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. We think the Kindle was a great invention. Its sad that no one knows or gives a damn about the person who discovered PI (Archimedes.)

All factors being considered, the conclusions has to be … YES!

Got you beat
Problem is that its not getting me any extra lumens.

sub-lumen! 0.01

I thought Al Gore invented 𝜋.


He invented the Internet and then he Googled who invented PI.

Now he is a busy beaver combating climate change. In 150 million years the glaciers will be returned to their former glory.

Don’t underestimate him, he is a smart dude.


Now that’s what I call Building Back Better…

Generally speaking low cct is better at low lux……

Why 400lm? Get a buck driver light, enjoy constant high cri 600-1000

Better for what?

That is because

Lumens Made in USA, are Bigger, Stronger, and More Robust… :person_facepalming:

so Yes,
300 Real USA Lumens are better than
3000 Fake Imported Lumens

Kruithof curve - Wikipedia).

Blue lights seem to increase time to recognize things significantly, warm lights have less issue with fog, blue lights seem to penetrate water better