$4.99 1xAA OSRAM Zoomable on eBay

Certainly doesn't look like a Cree.

Hi there phlowcus, thanks for your observations! By any chance is the SK58 a multi-mode? The product description on Focalprice sort of leads me to believe that it is.

Nope sorry, just 1-mode.

I´ve got the Ebay light. Nice little light. Not very bright, but OK for domestic use.

I changed the metal "o-ring" in the sliding mecanism with a rubber one, lubed it,

and now there is no wobling or anything in the head.

Hey Nautic, how did you get the head off?

Pull it forward then unscrew it. There may be quite a lot of threading. They are harder to put back on as getting them past the metal O ring is a pain.

Unscrew the lens from the sliding mecanism (shiny thing). Unscrew the pill with help of a pointed plier.

Then pull the sliding mecanism forward and off it comes. In there around the body you will find a metal

o-ring. Change this to a rubber or sillicone (not too big) and lube, and you will have a much better light.

In my opinion: Romisen RC-29 >> C78 >> DX Flood-to-Throw Zooming 3W .. just looking at the build quality. The Romisen has a nasty sharp switch... and is a little to big headed ;-). Review of the RC-29

The Romisen RC-29 is a (very) much better light than the DX 3W. It does not even come close.

Better is also the Romisen C6 which is even better than the RC-29. AA contra CR123 though.

If you want a hell of a thrower you should get this: http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=9567

They say its a Q2, but they keep sending Q5s. Nice. Battery is 18650. It outperforms both above mensioned Romisens,

and also a 504B with a R5 pill (throw!) In flood its only average.

Its only fault is the metal o-ring in the sliding mecanism. Change it to a rubber one and lube, and you have got an excellent light

I finally received the Sipik SK-58. It's a very nice little flashlight for the money. The beam is ugly though, unlike the generic "No. 5" zoomable light, which has a truly beautiful beam. But the overall quality of the Sipik blows away the generic version. I need to do a proper review on these soon.

On a related note, C78 1xAA flood-throw light is really cheap at Focalprice:


The description says it's 2xAA, but that's wrong. Focalprice's descriptions are terribly most of the time. But it does appear to be the same C78 that most reviewers at DX seem to like a lot. It seems too long and ugly to my eyes though.

Thanks for the tip sb56637, I just bought the C78!

5OFFONFP - 5% is better than nothing...

And a nice review of C78: http://www.xmanproject.com/reviews/c78/c78.php

lol i actually did use that code

Cool, please give us a review when you receive it, medieval10.

Sure thing. I also bought the light that Nautic recommended: MXDL SA-28. I hope it is one hell of a thrower! I'll compare those together with my Hugsby P31, Trustfire F23, and BLF Delight :)

So now C78 and SK-58 cost the same - which is a better deal?

Anyone has both and can compare?

They'll probably tell you that the C78 is better. But for me the SK-58 is a mighty handsome little light, and the C78 is outstandingly ugly, so that sealed the deal for me. ;)

Now why did you make me buy an ugly flashlight

Does anyone know whether the C78 or the SK58 has better output/focus?

Between the SK-58 and the No. 5 Generic, the Generic has by far a nicer beam.