400 SUBSCRIBERS - FREE Flashlight Giveaway

Its ALMOST time for another FREE FLASHLIGHT giveaway! Once I reach 400 subscribers on my YouTube channel, it’s go time. All you need to do to be eligible is:

  1. Be a subscriber to my channel.

  2. Go to the video listed below. WATCH THE VIDEO, HIT THE LIKE BUTTON & LEAVE A COMMENT (something about the giveaway).

  3. Be a resident of the United States

  4. That’s literally all there is to it!

  5. You’re still reading after knowing that’s all you have to do?! GO TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL ALREADY! DON’T MISS OUT!

  6. You’re still reading after knowing that’s all you have to do?! GO TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL ALREADY! DON’T MISS OUT!

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This time not limited to citizens of the USA?

Its still for U.S. residents only. Soon, hopefully i can do international though!

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You can reach 4000 subscribers is you gave each person $10.

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Sounds good Champ. Education is free, and you clearly didn’t take advantage of it. Have a good one.

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Do you mean only people with a US shipping address (can be a mail forwarder etc), or do they have to actually be residents?

As long as its an address in the United States, and no other shipping charges are required to ship the flashlight to the winner.

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I am not complaining or moaning, but those rules went out the window a long time ago. The irony is in your link are some of the ones I’m referring to underneath the rules lol!
First it was ‘just this once’ then it was ‘the majority seem fine with it’ and so on even though people had obviously complained and linked to the rules, if enough people had entered it was let go, once rules have been let slip a few times it’s not fair to enforce rules on others imo - it doesn’t matter for what reason they were let slip, and I don’t care either way - BUT rules are rules - either abide by them and apply them to everyone equally or don’t have them.
Certainly it would seem unfair to me cheryypicking who is allowed to bend the rules and who isn’t. There has been more than one let go which required youtube subs/liking etc.
Ultimately tbh there isn’t really a need for rules for this sort of thing, if you don’t want to enter by signing up outside the site,don’t enter - simple as that.

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Congrats. My son has already claimed the light I won. I started him out young being a lighthound so can only blame myself he’s as bad as we are now.

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:laughing: well at least he has a good one to start out with!

The question if somebody is banned lies entirely with Mr. Admin. Administrator and owner of this forum.
Not with a person who is one of its newest members. Let me see: 60 days a this moment.

BTW: the member in your crosshairs is the same member you thanked the most.
Does not strike me as very logical.

Just my 2c.

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Guys … rule #1 in dealing with trolls: Don’t feed the trolls.
Silently flag :black_flag: the post to bring it to the admins attention but do not give in and comment on it. Trolls thrive on attention.

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Hi everyone, if you have major problems getting along with a specific user then please ignore them:

And if you still have major concerns about a user and/or feel that they are generally causing problems on the forum then feel free to bring it to my attention via PM.

Please drop the subject from now on in this thread. Thanks a lot.

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