$6.95!! Sofirn SF10 AA/14500 battery with special price for 5 days

Thanks MascaratumB, it is good enough that the PWM can not be seen by eye. I want to make it into a little lantern. 0.5, 10, 100, 180 are all good modes for a lantern and the mode order is not important for that. A low annoying PWM would spoil it so I’m glad it is higher than that.
Ordered one!

In their Official Store, no 3800ma for sale, Cissy said they never sell those batteries before, maybe the clients from sofirn factory , she said they are not only selling products abroad, also many e-commerce companies in China

Nice mod on the way :wink: What driver will you use if I may ask? I would probably enjoy those modes too :blush:

Yesterday I decided I will use the host for something different, still on 14500. I’ll probably get a 17mm driver with Crescendo installed, put a XPL-HI LED and a forward switch on it.

Not sure if the combination will work well, I still have to study it, but with this host quality and its robustness, I think I’ll have my EDC light with it.
The PWM was not really noticeable at human sight only, and the led tint wasn’t bad at all!

My skills are not in driver mods/software, so I’m dependent on what’s available. in this case the stock driver sounds good, it is boost so I can use Eneloops (it will be a lantern for the whole family), 180lm (if it really is that) is an ok output for a AA-boost driver, and the modes are good.

Oh, sorry! As I saw the modes from low to high I thought you’re going to change the driver. The original driver is from H to L! A faster double click to change mode sometimes enters strobe,though!
With Ni-MH it is probable that the lowest is close to 0.5 lm! With 14500 it may be a bit higher!

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oh, thank you, is it a better?i will try

BTW: The seller told me now the SF10 will come with a clip

Was going to say lets try it for the price and then…BOOM….The sky fell on my head….

but it still $6.95 :laughing:

I want to see the clip! I bought one of these (clipless) a while back, and the lack of the clip was the most disappointing part.

The emitter was poorly centered (no centering ring) so the beam was messy.

Otherwise, this is a decent light for host duty, at least until Convoy releases a AA sized host.

It takes one of the old convoy style bolt on clips .
modifying the clip first makes sense on these lights because the convoy clip is a bit long and the tip flips up a little too high .
grinding off the tip of the clip back past the hole. Then filing down every sharp edge and finally baking them till they turn bronze makes them a better clip.

I’d like to know what the PWM is on these lights because it needs to be raised .if it’s 1000mhz it needs to be 2000.it’s bad enough to be annoying but not horrible .
the high to low is just a stupid mistake on their part /no reason at all for putting a moon at the end of a 4 mode sequence .
there is NO chance that anyone would ever accidentally hit the strobe inadvertently /the hidden strobe/the fact you can use a 14500 and the moon mode are very nice features .
The mode squence and the PWM are the lights only two real flaws .
OP reflector makes the beam smooth and fairly floody

Jackie is right at $7 it’s a very nice light

Any chance we can get a coupon code for the SP10A? Maybe a few coupons will get you some buyers and reviews. It looks like a great little light from the pics and description. The sp10 looks nice as well, but much less tempting. I’m close to buying one but not quite. :slight_smile: