7000 Post Giveaway - ImA4Wheelr (w/RMM Sponsoring) - Winner is Boaz

UPDATE2: Deadline for posting a mod link is end of day April 20, 2017 (I guess in whatever the final timezone is). I will make the drawing as soon as I can after that.

UPDATE: Great news guys and gals. RMM has agree to match my contribution. We all know how much he has contributed in so many ways. Many a time he has unselfishly taken the time to give me helpful advice both in the forum and in PM's. I know he has done that with countless others here as well.

The winner can use the $60 against a purchase of what ever they choose from Mountain Electronics. Since shipping to outside of the USA can sometimes be expensive, I will contribute up to an additional $15 to cover unexpedited shipping costs (regardless if CONUS or not). Here are links to RMM's vendor thread and to his website:



We all count on him for quality product. So the winner can be assured they will be getting good stuff.

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Hey everyone. I have to apologize for posting yet another 1000. I learn and grow so much here still. Much having nothing to do with flashlights. BLF has such an interesting diverse group of talented and nice folks. I'm fortunate to have BLF in my life.

OK, enough mushy, gaggy stuff. One of the things that makes BLF so great is that folks make changes to their lights and share what they did with the forum. The open source environment combined with some very talented folks has resulted in developments that have pushed the flashlight industry. Many flashlight purchasers today enjoy features that BLF members pioneered.

So in the spirit of BLF's contributions to the flashlight industry and hobby, my giveaway is simply, post a link to a flashlight (or any light for that matter) mod that you did and shared on BLF. To encourage folks that haven't modded yet, you can post a mod anytime until I announce the GAW closed. It doesn't have to be anything major. Just change something about a light and share it with the forum. Then, post a link to it in your post here. I apologize to anyone that might break their light doing so, but assume no responsibility for such mishaps. Your mod does not have to be a success. Failures qualify too. We learn just as much from those.

I didn't plan ahead for this one. I want the GAW open to any BLF member in the world that wants to participate. I will find a vendor that can ship worldwide that wants to help sponsor this GAW. I will contribute $30 of my own and hopefully I can find a vendor that will match my contribution for the winner.

Please bare with me as I get the prize side of the GAW arranged.

Small print:
Only first post counts. I will draw using Random.Org's random number generator. You can post more than once. But, only your first post counts. If I draw a post that doesn't qualify, I will redraw.

Thanks once more to all the folks here that make BLF, BLF.

EDIT: SB never seems to enter GAW's. So if someone makes a post on his behalf, both your first mod post and your additional mod post on SB's behalf will qualify (order does not matter). Of course, your "SB" post will qualify for him and not yourself. Only the first "SB" post that hits this thread will qualify for the drawing.

Well done on 7000 :+1:

Hard for me to choose so I’ll have to think about that.
In the meantime, I’ll take the dreaded first post :wink:

- edit -

Lumintop Tool Ti - Lighted Switch

Thank you CRX. :)

I added an EDIT comment to the OP. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

EDIT: This isn't an entry, but I wanted to participate. I think this is the first mod I posted on BLF. I had to fix the links to the pics.


This one is easy… I had the most fun and some frustration with this one… have not enjoyed a mod this much since…

Missed the part about making a change… I will have to now get the lighted tail cap working! Will remove post if I run out of time.

Courui D01

count me in!

Here’s my link to my thread on Modding the Aleto N8

This was an ambitious mod. I took a small 18650 zoomie (107mm) long and changed it to a tiny sideswitch zoomie around 90mm long.

I wish I could still find stock unmodded N8s. Fantastic mod host, but the unmodded lights no longer seem to be available.

Heres one for sb. Its a link to Old Lumens threads many which were for modding stock lights. A great inspiration to many of us here.


Nice idea for a giveaway ImA4Wheelr and congrats.

NICE GAW! thanks
I would not call mself a modder BUT yay I can join since I have done some modding
And well since I like color changes and carry this one all the time, literally every moment I have pants with pockets on:

Thread: Review and some modding U-King Stealth or ZQ-X916 ( updated with pic of damaging stuff in post 9)

Here it is


My favourite light, it's my EDC since this mod :)

Congratulations on your milestone!
Here’s an old post from me, but it is still my favourite zoomy. And it took almost a full year to transform it into the final form :smiley:

One of my mods is the 18350 Skilhunt H03

I did some other mods

70000 posts! Keep up the Good work!

Unfortunately, destroyed my flashlight afterparty baking IT, so i could use another one :slight_smile:

No mods, but did eventually replace this lens

Nice giveaway :beer:

I don't usually enter these, as I already have too many lights.... but don't we all :)

So in the spirit of modding, if I happen to win, I will mod the prize light ^:)

Here's one I prepared earlier....

Congrats on 7000!

I love threads like this, which is in the manner of my recent 500 post giveaway. I love seeing mods that other people love.

So, without further ado, I present my recent Convoy S2+ mod. I got it for a song. At $6, on sale and after points, I just couldn’t pass up a Convoy for that price. But I didn’t like the body color, didn’t like the tint, and wasn’t a fan of the driver. So I embarked on my first stripping experience. And then wet sanded it and polished it. And shaved the dome in hopes of warming up the tint… I usually gas dedome, but felt like switching it up. And then flashed some custom firmware. And topped it all off with an illuminated tailcap, white to match the polished aluminum body. I still need to take post-tailcap pics. The end result is an entirely different light from the original.

Edit: that’s an AWESOME prize. Thanks for putting this on, ImA4Wheelr, and for all of your contributions here. And thanks to RMM for the sponsorship!

Also, here’s a pic with the tailcap:

Great news folks. Please check the top of the OP.

Wow that is some serious sponsoring and price
Thanks for adding even more excitement!

One of my latest mods.
Convoy S2+ and Lumintop Tool with UV LED from Aliexpress

The standard S2+ triple Nichia mod, with Hoop’s heat sink, and Richard’s dd driver. Changed the host to a grey S2+ and baked the black one.

Congrats on the + 7k posts :partying_face:

Convoy M1 quad with spacer from kiriba-ru, khatod optics, Nichia 219C D320 5000K and a MTN-17DDm driver with Bistro firmware.

Post (14)

My Convoy S3 Triple. Daily carry since I did it.

Thanks for the give away and luck to all…