8-Pack of Defiant 24 Lumens LED Aluminum Flashlight Combo w/ AAA Eveready Batteries $6 (Home Depot)

Actually, a bunch of these spread around the house are a lot more useful that you might think. They are small enough not to take up much space and not so bright as to blind you when you are looking for something in a closet or such. Anyone who comes across this deal should just buy a set, nothing to think about. That’s 75 cents per light including the batteries for crying out load!

I'm with Flashpilot on this one. Even when Harbor Freight gives them away for free, I don't take them.


I've got these things stashed all over the place. Hanging from pipes in utility areas, under sinks, glove boxes, trunks, hanging out of sight on the sides of some cabinets, dark corners, a few in the shed, etc. Great to have lights you can forget about right at hand in an urgent situation.

Same. I just wish they were able to do what they currently do on a single AA. Seems like a waste every time the 3AAA need changing.

Someone ought to band a whole bunch of these together for some massive "mult-LED" light. Would make for a good laugh anyway! Then some comparison beamshot against some known lights / drivers.

I actually have quite a few of these too and yes I have them stashed around all over. I give them to my 8 year old daughter too. These are actually what got me looking into the world of LED lights.


For me, these were the very first examples of LED lights that were actually usable. It seems like it was not too long ago that we were all AMAZED at how bright they were!

(They are still just as bright as they were back then, and also just as useful)

BTW, the most useful light is the one you happen to have, at the time you need one :wink:

Like the others here, i have dozens of these left in places around the house, shop, RV, etc. and they come in handy when i need a little light in that area when myself or family need one to find somthing. I have one hanging on each breaker panel, one in the Hotwater tank, many kicking around the shop, tool boxes, sheds, etc.

Let me ask a question. If, when in the bedroom and you dropped your keys under the bed, would you use the cheap light that you have in the drawer of the night stand, or would go downstairs and get your XM-L 502b?

I use the light that is closest to my reach at the time. :bigsmile:

I go and grab my BTU Shocker from the computer room. :bigsmile:

All this talk about BTU Shocker is making me want one! :bigsmile:

These helped me along the path to buying one. :slight_smile:

I lean over and grab an expensive light off my nightstand and look under the bed .Why would I have a cheap one in such an important flashlight location

Actually there is no space under my bed .

I don't like these cheap lights at all..As far as cheap lights ..I use a few free coast 3.50$ just pay shipping lights ... and have a couple 5$ thrunite ti's and a tank e08 in strategically odd(dim) locations .

Thank you for the links. I am going to read up on them right now.

Come on now, we are flashaholics, a flashlight for free is a treat regardless, matter of fact we would probably throw some change in the jar for any old light ;). But yeah, I wouldnt buy these.

lol, thanks for the laugh. On a more important note. I ordered two more flashlights today. On a even more sad note, my Tangsfire C8 is still not here :frowning:

Who has had one fail?
I wonder if budgetlight flashaholics are getting a little snobbish?

I have a friend who has given a fair number to elderly ladies he knows in his neighborhood and church. Never a complaint and those ladies have a light.

So the attitude regarding this and other lights is snobbish.

FWIW I just yesterday finished checking one of the blue Police lights, using a Harbor Freight Chinese Alkaline, and it ran for over 20 hours. I compared it with a Fenix e01 and it put out an equal amount of light until almost the end.
If you don’t like the light by all means say so, but some of the degrading remarks should be beneath us.
Shades of CPF.

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” Don’t know who said that, but it is still good advice.


I’d get the good wife to find them for me. No light needed.

And then do you tell her "Get downstairs and make me a sammich"? :)


They were marked down from $11.88 to $6

But today I walked in and they were marked down to $2.98

That’s 3 bucks for 8 flashlights and 24 batteries!