8-Pack of Defiant 24 Lumens LED Aluminum Flashlight Combo w/ AAA Eveready Batteries $6 (Home Depot)

Who has had one fail?
I wonder if budgetlight flashaholics are getting a little snobbish?

I have a friend who has given a fair number to elderly ladies he knows in his neighborhood and church. Never a complaint and those ladies have a light.

So the attitude regarding this and other lights is snobbish.

FWIW I just yesterday finished checking one of the blue Police lights, using a Harbor Freight Chinese Alkaline, and it ran for over 20 hours. I compared it with a Fenix e01 and it put out an equal amount of light until almost the end.
If you don’t like the light by all means say so, but some of the degrading remarks should be beneath us.
Shades of CPF.

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” Don’t know who said that, but it is still good advice.


I’d get the good wife to find them for me. No light needed.

And then do you tell her "Get downstairs and make me a sammich"? :)


They were marked down from $11.88 to $6

But today I walked in and they were marked down to $2.98

That’s 3 bucks for 8 flashlights and 24 batteries!