9th BLF Old Lumens Challenge - entry 2 - old Fenix rebuild

Someone gave me an old Fenix (forget the model) years ago. I lost it amongst my tools and things for like a year. When I found it, the batteries had gunked all up in it.

I’m sure the head originally unscrewed from the battery tube, but sometime before it was given to me it had seized up in some way and would no longer. I couldn’t get the battery by the driver to come out.

So I decided to cut the head open and remove “the guts.” I have the led on pcb, driver with switch built in, reflector, lens, and two o-rings.

I also have some copper pipe laying around that’d maybe make a nice tube for 2xaa (I DO remember that this model was not meant for lihium, only alkaline and NiMH).

Potential problems here:

I’ve never soldered pcb or wire before. Brazed some refrigerant pipe though so, we’ll see.

I am not sure what I could use for the head or pill. Would love to use copper throughout, but don’t have any wide enough and my budget for this is zero or close to it. Have a brass bar that may be thick enough for the head but idk. Maybe some aluminum laying around somewhere…

Photos as soon as I figure out how to post them :smiley: new to literally all of this as of today, sorry!

Please enjoy your time here, wcddesign!

There's a link in my signature on how to post pics on BLF.

Thanks for the link re: posting pics.

I’m not going to do this one. Doing an incan penlight.
Reformat the shape and build (hopefully) purty new body for it.

Welcome to BLF.
Regarding the pill, I have used in the past some pennie coins as heatsink. it is cheap and good enough. Take in consideration that alkaline light will not generate too mach heat.

I don't want to take the wind out your sails but according to the challenge rules, you may enter into only one of the categories with a single build. So choose 1 build for the challenge and complicate the other one just for fun :)

The entrant is aware… the other topic over here is the official entry.