A Little Gem That Flew Under My Radar!

I never knew this little beauty existed until I saw it briefly mentioned in a thread about small lights. There’s not a whole lot about it here on BLF but I’m really glad I checked into it!

I’m talking about the DQG Slim 1/2 AA. You can get extensions for it fairly inexpensively to turn it into a full size single 3.7V AA or 2XAA primary light but I like it just the way it is. You can get it in SS, brass or Ti but my example is stainless steel. I paid just slightly over $20.00 for it from Fasttech with free shipping.

Awhile back, I had bought one of CRX’s great customs called the Knucklehead that runs a 14250 1/2 AA and he graciously included 2 extra cells so I thought I’d try this light. One thing I noticed is not all 14250 cells are the same length. One had a tall positive button and the other a short button. Only the short button would fit.

To me, this is a little gem! So tiny and solidly built and has a nice quality heft to it. I’m a CW fan but this came in NW with a very slight leaning towards warm but it’s still a very nice tint even though I like pure white. It has a nice hot spot with a wide corona that has no tint shift I can detect. It leans towards an area light but the throw is not bad at all. I like it!

I read where some people had problems with the tail switch but my example works perfectly. Nice firm click on and then smooth transition from low to medium and high with each touch of the tail switch.

As a bonus, the tail switch is milled to accept a 1.5X6mm tritium vial. I sure glad this little beauty flew into my radar!

Cross-reference: “REVIEW”: DQG Slim Ti

I saw that hank and great review but I wanted to give my non technical opinion.