A new wave in "fakes" : XML2( prolly LB)

I got my hands on this several days ago( on the right), on the left is U4 1C

- the core is smaller than the original XM emitter, the dots are way more visible, bond wires are kinda thinner , different looking too

  • the dome is as the latest LB XML first gen - hard “pure CN born” sillicone

Now the wierd part

After the dedoming the tint didnt shifted, it still stays something like 6500k 1D, as it was.
Its max is arround 4.7 amps, the lumen output is quite simmilar to the original XML2( 50-80 lower actualy, at 4.5amps), yet the candelas are better: i got straight 150k cds in a C8 host

Unfortunately, i dont remember exacly where i bought it: since i get tonsa shit from Ali for modding/testing this one came out of one of those, prolly an unbranded C8 loking torch but i aint 100% sure ( reordered it, will post detail later)

Anybody else got one of those?

Yep, i got 2 fakes recently.
One in the Supwildfire and one in a Shuolide headlamp…
You can recognise them by the grid of dots.
Real XM-L2 have diagonal grid, the fakes have straight grid.
But the ones i have seem to be the same size die, not smaller like the right one in your picture.

this one has the same xml2 diagonal grid as you can see on the photo yet its different, and its performs and behaves ways better than those “pure fake” ones…yet its a fake

Mitko good find…

It seems that this fake XM-L2 kicks ass and only 4.5A draw :+1:

Aha, yes i see now.
So i’ve got the totally bad ones… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, originally they were mounted on mpcb noctigon? I just bought some in INTL …………

I was waiting for this to happen. We learned about the LB XML2 fakes about a year ago (while everyone was focused on spotting the easily identifiable LB XML1 fakes in their cheap flashlight collection). Even if someday, LB catches up with Cree efficiency (lumens per watt), they will have a difficult time matching their lumen maintenance specs (number of hours the emitter can run before it degrades).


Indeed, that fake is a “high class” one, not like the others we have seen, yet you are right, i aint sure it will hold at 4.5 amps on a long term base( will test it ofc, gave that C8 to a fella, a beta-tester of some sorf, hehe)
yet, they are improoving :slight_smile:

Year 2029, BLF news:
LB corporation bought Cree :slight_smile:

That may sound hilarious now, but remember IBM and Lenovo

I was thinking the same thing. The dread of identifying the LB L2 vs Cree is that the fake die looks very similar, and there are now many versions. I wonder how many will go undetected. That also goes for the XHP series.

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Any news on this emitter ?

The XM-L latticebright fake was bound to begin showing up in flashlights soomer or later, but has likely been already for soem time as their appearance is not as noticeable difference as the XML old fakes they created as mentioned in the Fake LED thread here: - The Fake-Cree LED Awareness Thread - The new "low" in Budget lights.
I fear we will begin seeing fake LB versions of XP-L series eventually.

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