A6 went down the toilet.

On a job and nature called. Building with auto toilets. Stand up and turn around. Toilet auto flushed. At just the right time my daily a6 flew from my pants pocket (guess it wasn’t in all the way.) and was swallowed by the all consuming porcelain monster.

Sooooo on to the next.

I had a 18350 tube. I liked the length. I would like something around the same size, but I definitely want to go with a 18650 for my next daily. Just too little capacity for someone that uses a light quite a bit daily.

I like to be able to clip my light to my hat when needed.

Suggestions welcome!!

Personally, I find 18650 lights too heavy to clip to a hat, but I did use my DQG Tiny 4th in that fashion.

I think there is some FW3A offering that’s quite compact as well, but I don’t know if the clip is reversible to allow for clipping to a hat.

I have the FW3A, size is great but not reversible. Also doesn’t strike me as durable like the a6 did.

I was looking at the DQG but heard some issues with build quality. What’s your take?

Maybe I need to stick with 18350.

I think DQG quality is fine, but I am generally very careful with my lights. They don’t get subject to any abuse. My guess is the DQG will not tolerate neglect.

For that length w/18650 you’re probably looking at Zebralight, FW3A or D4. There might be others but all three of those are very popular… for very different reasons.

For what it’s worth I notice how wide an EDC light is much more than if its 10-20mm longer or shorter.

Can you mod flashlights coryochoate?

If so, you can try do something like this:

Use a Jaxman host, a 18500 tube, make some internal modification to make it a triple and to use a 18650 battery.
It is shorter than a BLF A6 or a Convoy S2+ or even a a Jaxman E2L, and it will give you enough power from the battery, as it will use a “big one”! Just an idea :wink:

If you can mod your light, it is possible to mod an FW3A so the clip is reversed.

Your right. I have the d4 as well (with a v2 on pre order). Love the light but not for an edc. Head is way too wide.

I will look into the zebra light. Hear great things obviously.

Interesting! I’ve never done any modding, but maybe would be a cool project.

Hmm. Wondering if it’s waterproof…

Diving light?


That’s why I like my MH20. Its clip bites into my pocket like it’s got teeth.

Lessee. An S2+ triple with NO spacer, and a shorty tube (for an 18350), can probably fit an 18500. Worst case, either spring can be cut down some if the fit is a bit too tight.

Regular S2 (no ‘+’) has an even longer reflector, that if replaced with a TIR also opens up the inside of the tube even more.

Wondering if a switchless tailcap like from a Sofirn side-clicky could fit the threads to shrink the total length even more…

With an 18650?? I’d suggest a hardhat.

Astrolux S1. 18350. smaller. almost as much output.
Will fit on hat easier.
and a coupla tiny 18350 battery’s as spare
will float around in a pocket somewhere without being noticed.
I carry a 26650 in mine. Not a problem.
Been through the washing machine once cause I forgot it.

Speaking of which, the MH20 is barely longer’n the 18650 stuffed inside. Also as mentioned, the clip really bites good’n’hard to keep it from flying out, and it’s fairly deep-carry so there ain’t much sticking out.

Love the UI, too.

The S1 is just a rebranded A6, same exact light other than small updates/money-saving production changes but AFAIK the A6 is very slightly different from the original GB light now too.

Astrolux e01 looks interesting too. Seems like a much more compact option.

The triple s2+ with a shorty might be the ticket. Almost picked one of those up a few times in the past.

Oh, if you get any S2 variant, get the 1buk deep-carry clip from Fasttech.

It’ll sit nice and deep in your pocket with nigh-zero chance of coming out by accident.

(Unlike most clip-as-an-afterthought lights which stick out of a pocket like an antenna.)

So this is the modern equivalent of the old “flush a cherry bomb” joke?
Called a plumber?

I’d look at the Folmov 18650S. Small EDC that I carry everyday and I have a lot of lights. Only thing is with the Nichia LED, it gets hot on the higher modes fast. I changed mine to a 3000K XP-L HI. More than doubled my time on high. Good luck with your choice. Great story. I lost a beeper once like that in the 90’s. Beepers, what a time that was…

Do you have a link? Can’t seem to find it.

Looks like I’m ordering a triple off mtn electronics.

Ugh, nobody could ever find it…



I broke one of those clips within 5 minutes of opening the package, be gentle with them lol