AA/14500 flashlight

I like everything of Sofirn SF14 so far. Great little light.

I second the Sofirn SF14

Utorch UT01 has a quite smooth transition also, but doesn’t seem as smooth as the SF14

Avoid the Lumintop Tool AA by your criteria, the spill and hotspot have a much clearer transition

Awesome, thanks guys.yeah, I tried the tool and didnt like it. Also I have the Thrunite archer 1A and not fond of that one either.

Is there a BLF APP?

If you want a very smooth transition, you could get a small AA light with a frosted lens. Something like the Zebralight SC5F, SC5Fc, or SC5Fd (they are different tints). That will give you a soft hotspot, and a gradual fade out to a wide spill.

Or, get any AA light, and add a frosted filter yourself.

Otherwise, almost all AA lights using a small reflector and a domed XM-L2 or XP-L/XP-L2 LED will give you a very similar beam. About a 12 degree hotspot, and about 80 degree spill, with a fuzzy corona between the two. Anything more gradual than that, and you need a frosted filter. (Or a mule, but then there’s no hotspot.)

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Well, I am one of those that can recommend the SF14 as well.
You can take a look here to how the beam looks like!

Also, WalkIntoTheLight gave a nice suggestion if you want a more floody light! Use a “filter” or DC-Fix! You can find it on sale on this thread by Boaz: DC-Fix Diffusion Film Sale .

I can also give you another suggestion. I am using some TIR pebbled lenses in two lights, and they work very well if you want some flood and less hotspot.
Here are some experiences I’ve made with some AA/14500 lights (Amutorch S3) with those lenses: "Review": Amutorch Stainless Steel XPG3-S3 AA flashlight [Modded TIR Lenses] - #65 by MascaratumB

Those TIR fit well in other lights, so if you wanna try them I can post the link for AliExpress store!

Enjoy your stay here :wink:

Cooll thank you, what products are out there that I could use to get that affect on my existing lights?

The lenses I bought were these:

Take a look at the store, and check the measures (diameter/height) you want for your flashlight!

About the filter, I pointed the link for Boaz thread on my previous post.
Maybe you can contact him through Personal Message :wink:

Any light with a couple layers of frosted scotch tape over the lens will achieve the desired result. Its easily reversible too.

Welcome to the search for the perfect light. Be warned, it may mean buying many, and making compromises.

regarding your beam shape interest, there are also diffusing films in the Lee Filter sample pack
I use double sided tape to apply Lee Filters to the outside of the lens, no disassembly required, and completely reversible

Lee Filters are also great for reducing the green tint of most of the typical lights being discussed

more details here

Examples of with and without Lee minus green

I also think MascaratumB has great suggestions in regards to using a TIR, if you are open to learning how to take a light apart.

And once you get started, you may want to add High CRI as a category to include in your choice of LEDs
afaict, all the lights mentioned so far have Low CRI

hang on to your wallet :slight_smile:

utorch ut 01 nw

no problem + best battery - / efest 700mah/

The Sofirn SP 10b has a nice smooth beam and a neutral tint.

You can bug Boaz for some DCFix… :smiley:

Awesome thank you all for your suggestions, here is another one. Same size light with clicky switch and nichia led.

Manker has several AA and AAA models in Nichia flavor…mmm. They’re not 14500 compatible, though they do output 200-350 lumens on Turbo. Also, their reflectors have a light orange peel texture, that should give a pleasant transition.

which one would you suggest after sf10…?

sp10b, sf12 or sf14? is there any significant step up in real life performances between them all? thanks…

I don’t like the SF12 , the sp10 has a smooth reflector IIRC so it won’t be as smooth a transition, but a lot of people here like it. The SF14 is my favorite among those


thanks…i guess brightness output between them is more or less the same?

hmm, I can’t test that now since I changed the emitter on my sf12 and gave away my sp10a. I can sy the sf14 is brighter on high than the lumintop tool aa, and has a lower low

The SP10B has a op reflector.