AA/14500-flashlights Review Guide (2014-2019, single and multiple battery)


Added 7 new reviews (Feb-May)

Lumintop GT micro
Maglight MicroMag
Wuben E05
Nitecore LA10
Lumintop EDC05C
Reylight Pineapple

Double Review:
Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 (Single AA Alkaline / Ni-MH / 14500)
Lumintop Tool 25 (Multiple AA Alkaline / Ni-MH)

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Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 & Lumintop Tool25
ReyLight Pineapple Nichia
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0
Xtar WK007 Zoomie
DQG Slim AA Ti
Lumintop GT micro

This is great. Single AA/14500 is my favorite form factor. Good performance and size for EDC. I love the lumintop tool AA 2.0

Some more adds:

Livarnolux 314791 (2xAA)

Skilhunt M150

Eagletac GX25A3 can digest 3 of either type, AA or 14500 (button tops only).
gx25a3 specs
Not sure if there was a review on BLF.

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Added 12 reviews

ThruNite T10T V2
Skilhunt M150
ReyLight LAN
Speras M1
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 Ti
Lumintop Tool AA2.0 HM Homemade EDC Flashlight Kit
Livarnolux 314791
Wuben E05
Fenix WT20R
Nicron N7
Jetbeam E10R

Wow, thanks for the work!
Nice to see that some of my simple-ish reviews made the spot too :smiley:
Nostalgia and good memories of flashlight obsession, lol!

Nice, this thread should keep me busy for a bit!

So sad almost none have usb-c charging. That’s keeping me from buying the 14500 lights.
Smaller should mean more hassle free, not less.

Smaller usually means no room for external charging ports though.


Adding a charging port to a small light can substantially increase the size of the light. Much more so than in a larger light.

I also dislike charging ports because most have rubber covers over the port. Unless very well designed, these covers can fall off or dangle from the light. And any rubber cover can eventually wear out and break.

Sure that size is an issue? :wink:

SC01 isn’t a 14500 light.

Add a charge port to something like an SP10 and it would be as long as some 18650 lights.

And that’s why there is TIR’s.

It’s not the size that is the problem, it’s most of these lights being multi-fuel so alkaleak, NiMH, Li-ion and the rest. It makes onboard loading way more complicated and even dangerous as idiots go try charge non-rechargeable batteries. There’s AA-sized light with USB but these work with one battery-type only mostly being 14500.

Should not be that hard to implement a function that only charge if voltage is above 2V. (Per cell)

The utility of an onboard charger also depends on how you typically use your lights.

If you’re like me and already have an external charger to charge batteries, an onboard charger is just a waste of space.

Using an external charger has many advantages:

  • can use the light while it is charging if you have an extra battery.
  • smaller light
  • less risk of compromising the waterproofing
  • less stuff inside to break

Onboard charging seems more like a feature for muggles who only own one light and no charger, or maybe for traveling if you don’t want to bring a charger.

On board chargers are an entry point for water. Also, you can’t use your light while charging. IMHO, it’s just marketing nonsense. No substitute for a quality external charger. Like I said, this is my opinion.