AA AAA inexpensive Charger

Wondering if there might be a economical charger that doesn’t charge in series but individually and has some smarts to it. Oh and it should probably be able to charge at least 3 batteries at once with termination. Oh and with no more than a $15.00 price tag. Am I asking to much here ?

Hmm . . . there's a Sony sold on Amazon that is cheap, independent channels, and recommended. Let me come back with a link.

Crud, currently unavailable in the cheap bundle and a little expensive in the other bundle. brted did a review back a long time ago.


Fry’s says they have it in stock. The shipping (to Minneapolis) adds about $7 to the $13 price tag for $20 total.


Thanks for that feedback are there any more options?

Datasheet: http://www.soshine.com.cn/a36.aspx

There is a comment about this charger here:

I know you are looking to charge at least 3 cells, but this Panasonic will only charge 1-2 AAA cells. It will charge 1-4 AA cells.

If you order from Fasttech, you might want to pay about a dollar more to get faster shipping. My last order was in transit for 2 months.


I’m new here but I though I’d give my two cents. I just bought Sanyo MQR06 (with 4 eneloop XX) and I’m quite happy with it. It’s a nice compact charger with individual cell charging for a reasonable price.
Product page: http://www.eneloop.info/eneloop-products/chargers.html
It seems that Sanyo does not directly offer it on the US market but you might be able to get it on ebay.
However, it will be more like $20 when you subtract the price of the cells.

They sell batteries too.

Sanyo quick charger that come with eneloop bundling can do that.
not sure the price there, but here 4*AA eneloop gen 1 plus the charger is around $23. Charger only should be much lower.


Never mind, mine is taken..

was the best deal around!... charging individual cells.. they went for around $30 here in Japan.
I sold it for $19 including shipping worldwide.. killer..

Yo guys. I’m looking for one too preferebly under $10 or up to $15.
These good?

I checked it out chibi but the voltage was 120V :slight_smile:

Hi Mountainking.. true, but I was kind of replying to the OP ;)

i have this one:

it’s a quick charger, and the batteries gets hot as expected. dv-termination, and i think the batteries are supposed to be good, not just chinese junk. (i have lost a couple of batteries, and doesn’t have any capacity checker. but other no-name brand batteries of the same age is almost useless nowadays, while the soshines seem to be ok still)
counting the values of the batteries i’d say this one fits your needs and budget as well.

I was just looking at this charger and wonder if someone with experience can tell me if it would be a good candiate? seems to cover the bases well.


Or would it be better to get an opus or LaCrosse clone instead.

have a read of this thread too… Eneloop Charger for Eneloop AAA XX Black.

After five universal chargers with problems I will not buy any more.
Now I only use separate nimh and li-ion chargers.

No thrills charger
Take a look at the Sanyo MQR06 . Manual

Possibly you could get a bundle with some AAA, AA or XX (AA) eneloops.
Bought one 4 month back via Amazon as a travel charger. Price was 21€ (around 27$ back than) in a bundle with 4 AA (UTGB) and delivery (within Europe).

The charger has a US plug and came with a adapter. The plug is off-center, does not block another outlet.
Has individual cell charging control (1, 2, 3 or 4 cells), fast charge ability (with 2 or 1 cell).
Battery doesn’t get warm, but didn’t try the 2 or 1 bay speed charge yet.