AA or AAA low price flashlight

SK68 clone

Hugsby XP-1. There’s also a group buy for a stainless steel clicky that is also inexpensive and not show abuse as much. The BLF-348

Bushnell TRKR 140L (140 Lumen 1 AA) readily available at Wal Mart for $20 or $25 for the Bushnell TRKR 250L (250 Lumen 2 AA) 2AA option. I own both and am very happy I made the purchase.

KD HAIII Buckle V6



Use code "BLF" for an additional 5% off. ;)

At 2.54, this is as low as you can go for an xpe flashlight


ThorFire TG06 CREE XP-G2 R5 185LM EDC LED Flashlight AA/14500

Ask M4dM4x if he has a coupon code.

@all - Thanks for your recommandations.

Which SK68 clone is the best one?

But be aware that all of these cheap zoomies most probably don’t have a real Cree anymore. Especially SK-68 and #3 Zoomies like the one Banggood sells will have LatticeBright clones with less output and bluish tint.

There is no best one. Each time you buy it’s a gamble. Even if someone have bought a good one before from same seller.

Even if you buy three or four at the same time from the same seller, you likely won’t find exactly the same thing in all four boxes. The sellers have no idea what they’re selling.

The double price you pay for brandname products locally is partly quality control. But they’re also likely cheaply made from less bright LEDs, just more consistently the same from one to the next.


PS — put “AA AAA $10” (without quotes) in the Search box — upper left corner of every page

the result being this: Search results for '' - BudgetLightForum.com

and you’ll find thread on lights under $10 — good info and pictures there, some fairly old by now.

Ok, I got it, in this case no SK68.

I have bought a lot of SK 68 and clones. All have been fine. I don’t really care if they have a Cree, but just if they work.

Just purchased 2 TG06 from GB as gift for a friend. I hope it’s good.

Try a bushnell pro 1aaa,i have had mine for 2 months and not 1 complaint.

Since this isn’t a ‘carry’ light, go with the AA size for much better runtime and lumens-capacity.

My SK68 clone is OK, not great. Nor sure of the emitter but the color is good enough and for under $15(IIRC) I ain’t gonna complain.


Despite its name (Ult*ire) I am still quite happy with this little AA/14500 zoomie, (4.99 USD on BG)

But, as already mentioned, there is a lottery when buying. Some lights cant tailstand, some have poor threads, some doesnt work with AA :~ . If you can afford a 5 dollar lottery ticket, buy it! :wink:

The Hugsby XP-1 is also a lovely light or just put some Nitore Tubes around the house :slight_smile:

Upper left corner, the custom Search goes through only this site.
Once you get results, upper right corner of the Results page shows Google is sorting by their idea of “Relevance” but you can change it to “Date” to see most recent first.

The longer you’re here, the more you’ll find out you didn’t know ’til you looked it up (grin).
“It’s a poor memory that only works backwards” as the White Queen said to Alice.

You can try a nextorch k20,with price about $25.

This is Thorfire TG 06 I purchased from GearBest a month ago.
Bought 2 pcs as gift for my ex-boss.

Replacement switch button, rubber switch, lens, and o ring are included in the package.

Lottery is good.
The one I recieved was completly shiny and because of that, the anodizing apeared really purple!
Your flat one does at least look like in the BG pictures!
But that problem was really (dis-)solved in drain cleaner.
Now it’s shiny silver! :slight_smile: