About the "free return" of Aliexpress

Yes, I have stopped buying from AliExpress now, as I am waiting for your website to list all the stocks. 加油 Mr. Simon - we are cheering for you!

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I signed up also!

Looking forward to it! I received 2 M21B from you today - I think they were my last Aliexpress Convoy orders. Next light I will buy will be from the new storefront.

Registered :slight_smile:

I think the 3pcs XHP70.3 HI are my last order from Aliexpress. The next order I will place on your new shop!

Hopefully everything works out for your new store! Are you participating in Europe IOSS program?

I always found it interesting that I can buy something from China and have it shipped for free to the USA, BUT if I were to ship the same thing to China, it could cost more than the item itself! Even shipping it within the USA could cost more.

I’m sure it has to do with trade agreements and tariffs, but I could be wrong.

So I certainly agree with Simon, just ask for and accept a reasonable refund rather than trying to ship it back to China.

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Shipping from China is subsidized
“Shipping from China to the US has been cheaper than domestic shipping due to an international postal system that favors developing countries over developed ones. The US has challenged this system and demanded more flexibility in setting its own rates for inbound mail.Oct 19, 2023”
Why is it so cheap to ship from China to the USA? | by Baraka | Medium.

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Yeah, I just got one of those little spatulas with the little fork attached on top, so you can grab and flip eggs, pancakes, porkchops, etc. 5bux. Shipped from Choina.

So that little doodad, plus shipping from clear across the planet, only cost 5bux. Total. Door to door. With tracking. Wut??

Similar doodads “locally” would be double that. I was in no rush, so picked the cheap one, figuring someone would just hitchhike it over, but man…

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The manufacturing cost of that thing is less than 10 cents. You have no idea how much we are getting screwed as western consoomers.

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Darn right, Simon! Just signed up at the new storefront. I will for sure be moving my shopping list over to your site once you have it up and running. I’ll also be dumping AX as soon as I can because your store was the only reason I was ever there in the first place. I’m looking forward to doing business with you directly. Good luck brother!

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Handling returns is a PITA for every retailer, with the merchandise that isn’t returned to the manufacturer marked for disposal, which can mean donation, bulk sales to liquidators, or just plain trashed.

It’s not just overseas marketplace sellers on AX. Amazon also requires sellers to accept returns, and doesn’t treat their sellers any better, and there are costs incurred for returns there as well.

Return privileges are nice for consumers, but ripe for abuse.

Conscientious consumers can do their part by performing due diligence, and not relying on returns as an easy crutch to make up for lax, or bad decision making.

If there is a defect, or genuine need to consider returning an item, contact the seller first, and see what kind of resolution they offer.

A good seller will probably take care of the issue in agreeable terms to both parties, but if they aren’t a good seller, then don’t be afraid to handle it by the book, so to speak.

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Even with Amazon I try to resolve a problem directly with the seller first. Usually it goes well.

I am so glad that you opened up your own store Simon.
I have bought from you but India closed access to AX.
I immediately went to your site and ordered what I was waiting to get…
Plus, we know that since its you, we are assured of the best price and best quality… Best of Luck Simon to you.

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Y’know those hundreds of Convoy flashlights that I recently received from your AliExpress store?
Well, I decided that I don’t really need them, so I took advantage of AliExpress’ free returns and they’re all going back to you. :anguished:
Thank you, Simon.
You’re the best! :+1:

I appreciate your support.
i use yanwen DDP shipping to ship goods to India currently ,
At the moment I am testing the shipping time.

In fact, they will be returned to the local warehouse of AliExpress. AliExpress will either destroy the returned goods directly or take ownership of the goods directly.
These goods will not be returned to China.

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Yeah, sorry about that.

As Lightbringer would say…
“I was trying to make a joke.
Like the funny kind, only different. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I should have guessed it was a joke.
In my impression, I have not met such customers. :sweat_smile:

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For those that don’t know, Lightbringer is known for saying something similar to:
“I was trying to make a joke.
Like the funny kind, only different.”
So I was paraphrasing LB without acknowledging LB, which is similar to plagiarism. :hushed:

Imitation is the sincerest of flattery. (Charles Caleb Colton, 1820)
But only if it is done right. (Henk4U2, 2024)

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