Acebeam EC65 review (21700, 4x XHP35 HI, cool white)

You think a single instance of 15 to 30 seconds is “really good”?

Do you mean it’s good for such a small light that has such high output? Maybe you are comparing it to the Emisar D4? Even then a single blast of 15 to 30 seconds is not that great.

If they can fix the battery and voltage losses in the springs so it can repeatedly do 1 minute turbo times then I would say yes, they are good. Until then, I think they are really bad. Just my opinion.

Oh! Sorry for repeating the same question. :stuck_out_tongue:
At first, didn’t read other replies asking the same thing.

Thanks for the massive amount of data on this flashlight, that must have cost a few hours!

I really like the huge data table at the beginning, 75% of all information is already there and fast and easy to absorb! :slight_smile:

I hope that this copy of the EC65 holds up over time for you (I read the stories of dying EC65’s), it is a bit too nice flashlight too loose.

There are battery problems, but the second run of 3100 lm for 1 minute seems really good to me.
Do you know other lights of this size that can match that?

Fun: throw of the EC65 is exactly the same as my 2012 sk68 (with good old XR-E led) on a Trustfire ‘flame’ 14500 :slight_smile:

I was talking about 4000lm turbo. You are talking about 3100lm turbo.

3100 lumen for 1 minute is indeed pretty good, but not what is expected.

There are also not too many lights this size. period. In order to get about 3100 lumen I think you would need to look at the many compact 26650 boost driven lights. They are a bit bigger and typically run turbo a bit longer. So I would say the turbo your talking about (3100lm) is quite in line with them.

The bad part here is that Acebeam got our my expectations all jacked up, then did not deliver. If they had just spec’d it at 3100 lumen for 1m we I would not be so let down.

I do not feel let down, a 3000 lm flashlight with 4xXHP35 12V leds on a boost driver from one cell is new and an achievement, more so with a system efficiency of 90 lm/W at turbo.

Please remember that the 90 lm/W is average over the whole turbo runtime, which is at about 800 lumens most of the time. With the turbo cycling and 1229 lm*h it comes down quite a bit. I haven’t tested the battery capacity when it’s discharged in half an hour or at ~10 A so can’t tell you the actual number, but let’s say it’s about 16 Wh which comes down to 77 lm/W.

Ah, thanks! That makes it ok but not extremely special.

I received mine two days ago, the XHP35 version. I do feel a bit let down, turbo for about 12 seconds. I knew from the specs the light was too lightweight. But I bought one any way thinking AceBeam could pull it off. I would rather have an extra ounce or two over the rapid loss of performance. The format of 4 tight packed LED’s over a 21700 is a winner, execution just fell a bit short. On the positive side beam is a good mix of throw/flood. As is it’s a good 2000/650/300/20 lumens pocket light.

It’s not a lack of thermal mass that’s making it drop out of turbo. If that’s what your thinking.

I’m sorry looking at my statement it really lacked clarity.

I want the thermal mass to sustain just running on high. The light heats very quickly on turbo and rather fast on high. I get about 28 seconds on turbo with a fresh battery but too hot to hold. A minute of running on high and it’s rather hot to hold. For me the rapid loss of performance is letting it sit and cool before using again. I’m tempted if the light survives a few weeks of use to pot the electronics for water proofing and thermal relief of those tiny little tortured electronic bits. I’m only guessing, but I believe and extra ounce or two in the host and battery tube will bleed more heat out for longer more comfortable use. The battery tube is very thin.

Do you think it might be better to go up in size to the EC50 GEN Ⅲ?


Thanks for the very thorough review. We have updated the information on our website based on your review.
It would be really interesting to see what the performance of the EC65 would be on a 21700 battery that can deliver 30+ Amperes.


You can see similar information here as toobadorz tried a LISHEN LR2170SA which is the same as the yellow Liitokala lii-40A. This is a 15A continous rated battery. It’s voltage does not sag under the load and the light runs at 4,000 lumen for 1 minute when the thermal protection starts to ramp it down.

The only 30A continous rated 21700 I have seen is the Samsung 30T. I don’t think anyone has tried this combo yet.

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I have some 30Ts coming my way and will update the review hopefully later this week.

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Nice, let’s see what they can do.

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